There Is No 1 Definition of Life: What Do You Want to Experience?

Sep 8, 2018

I believe life is about experience; nothing more, nothing less.

You are the creator of your experience and it’s up to you to decide what you want to experience, enjoy, and suffer through.

Now – there are arguments to be made about destiny or callings. Those have merit, too.

How I see it: the things you are ‘called to do’ are what is felt, what will be ‘discovered through your experience.’ Notice how not everyone has the same ‘calling’? How, if you believe in destiny and callings, why is it that your calling seems different than  your neighbor’s? There are clear and distinct (when you finally ‘find them,’ if you haven’t yet) nudges and pulls in your life that say, “I should do this,” “I want to do that.” To me, that is BOTH a destiny’s calling AND your personal desire. If you believe in fate, then chances are it’s probably going to be interpreted as a calling. If you prefer to live and create your experience, it’s probably interpreted as your own soul’s desire.

But they can be the same, in my eyes. It’s simply how you want to describe or define it, but to me it comes from the same place: beyond ourselves.

For me, I choose to walk with the definition that life is a choice, that it’s a matter of creation. The experience and life I want to have can be created, and that it’s up to me — even if it’s not, by listening to those intuitive impulses and nudges and callings – I choose to listen to those, wherever “those” come from.

There’s no 1 singular definition of life, no 1 singular experience to be had in the nitty-gritty of choices to be made.

Some of us simply want to experience a ‘normal’ life.
Some of us want (our experience to be) to love the shit out of people and the world.
Some of us want to have grand adventures.
Some of us want to impact others.

To me, life is simply about experiencing what you want to experience.

The joys, the pains, the desires, the frustrations — those are the unique recipe for our individual experience.

And I am CONSTANTLY asking myself what I want to experience. Eventually I do have to stop asking myself and start listening for the answer — and moving based on that answer, or calling, or choice/decision.



Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash