Looking for a voice over for your project?

I don’t do these officially – but if you are looking for a simple, clean, yet professional sounding audio for your project, I can create a quick audio for your project, video, website, and more.

This isn’t my main gig – so I do this for fun and for cool peeps and project. (:


My rate is $0.29 per word

300 words = $87

500 words = $145

I’m happy to discuss rates – reach out! (austin@austinpranger.com)


My delivery includes:

– quick delivery of an example to make sure you like it!

– up to 2 “from scratch” edits based on feedback

– 3 “tiny tweak” edits for a particular section that needs minor attention (not a full edit)

– audio treatment: noise cancellation

– audio treatment: noise amplification

– audio treatment: editing out “unnecessary” audio like lip/tongue clicks

– exports into .MP3 (efficient) and .WAV (high quality) formats


There will eventually be an example below. 😂 Email me if you need an example.