The Velvetrose Theater

Mar 20, 2021

Some of you enjoyed my “Black Cave of the Soul” playlist from various background audios on Zoom, meditations, The Wild Emergence, etc.

After a “purpose vision” I had, I stumbled onto some new soundtracks and am compiling them into an evolving playlist dubbed “The Velvetrose Theater.”


A mysterious, mystical theater resembling an optimistic look into the future, requiring a deep and authentic look into the depths of one’s soul.

The lights are dim, the curtains and seats are a rich, dark red velvet.

Only the stage, the performer, and a few rows of seating are visible.

You are the only one in the audience watching a magnificent, mystical and deeply moving performance – inspiring some grand, deeply personal vision of magnificence for yourself.

You imagine your life as it is now – and what it would be like if YOU were the one on stage, YOU were the one showing up, YOU were the one truly supporting others?

Maybe YOU are a part of that performance – a supporting element behind the scenes or a number one fan.

Maybe the performance is moments from starting – on the cusp of inspiring many.
Maybe you ARE the performance, standing on stage and living out your truth – that mystical vision you see for yourself.

One element rings forth:

Before the doors are opened, this experience is yours and yours alone.

Nobody there to experience it but YOU and the authentic, quiet whispers within – alongside those who are standing at your side, ready to support you in the blooming of your rose.
The whole Velvetrose Theater is YOURS in this moment…

What does your heart have to say – what is it whispering to you, right now, if all you had to do was dim the lights, quiet the noise

— and listen?

Who is standing around you, waiting for you to step on stage?

… or who are you waiting to see on stage so that you can support?

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🎵 The Velvetrose Theater – Spotify Playlist

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Comments I shared with others, in addition to the original post:

  • Jonathan — a recent “visual” from Evolution’s Purpose that sent me onto an introspective ‘tangent’ of future visualization, Pinterest “visuals,” and audio accompaniment. This is just a part of turning that “vision” into something more tangible for myself – and then wanted to share with others. ❤ I find that certain ‘audio sets’ like this one don’t actually “land” well for me, unless I’m being hyper-present with the music (while writing or meditating). In which case they land harder than most ‘sets.
  • Jamie — in this particular visual, you for me are one of those performers ‘standing on stage’ that I saw myself supporting in said purpose vision. Visually during this experience, there were things [for myself] that weren’t included in my post above, but I was getting a ‘feeling’ that part of my purpose, in some shape-or-form in this moment is helping to give life-and-tangibility to those with a vision or message – but don’t know how, are too afraid to step on stage, or simply need a ‘tech’ behind the curtain to give that little ‘nudge.’