The Courage Crusade! • a Project to Build Courage in a Supportive Community

Aug 12, 2019

What would it be like if you were more courageous?

I’ve wanted to do “comfort zone challenges” or “rejection therapy” for quite a long time.

My experience last week made me realize that I still have a lot of fears and discomfort to push through — courage to build!

And while I can (and have/am) done some things by myself, I’m looking to build a temporary micro-community in the FW area of people who likewise want to become more courageous and more comfortable being a little ridiculous — and more liberated to be themselves.

At the culmination of the first run, the “Make People Smile” component will be finding a unique, fun way to brighten someone’s day/experience, whether that be gifting $, buying an experience for someone, or investing it in some way to entertain others.

There are more details in the link in the first comment if this sounds like you!

This first run will be a trial run to see how things go, which means:

• limited spots (maybe 5-10 tops? Already 3 people in :) )
• a small buy in ($5 ish — for a part of the challenge, not to me)
• 4-6 weeks for the “first run”

Likely involving 1-2 meetups, a weekly challenge, and making a list of general and personal challenges that will benefit the collective and each individual in some way.

To participate:
• Follow this link to learn more:
• Think about either (a) what some of your fears are that you want to lesson, and/or (b) some thing you’ve wanted to do but feel resistance to doing (even if you’re not “afraid of it”)

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