Tears of Truth

May 23, 2018

Facebook Post (EOL)

“Do you have people in your life that make you cry when you talk to them? What does it mean when you do?”

I’ve been trying to understand why it happens for a while now. I realize that I don’t necessarily need outside answers and it’s just as important for me to either answer it for myself or simply be with it and not feel like I have to analyze or fix it.

But I’m also curious if there are others that experience something similar, and what it means to them — or what others may see on the outside looking in.

There are a small handful of people that, when I talk to them (particularly over Messenger/online) that I find myself watery eyed and sniffly nosed. Typically when talking about deeply meaningful, straight-to-the-soul kinds of things.

My theory recently is that I think these people, these heart-oriented people have a unique way of helping us see ourselves. Just as Kyle talks about us not always being able to see the label of who we are from the inside.

That those tears, those emotions, is our heart/soul’s way of expressing that it finally feels seen and acknowledged.

And perhaps for me – maybe I’ve suppressed a lot of my emotions and “who I am” over the majority of my life and things are simmering down within my mind/body enough that who I am underneath all my fears is what remains, finally shining through; and the tears are that release, a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief from the soul saying, “Aah, at last … Here we actually are.”

Maybe I still am attached to outside circumstances (‘needing’ to talk to those kinds of people in order to ‘see myself’), but it at least feels like a step in the right direction, because each little outside affirmation … especially when those affirmations (those people, inspirational content) ultimately guide us back to ourselves … each little affirmation reinforces that we are enough as we are, that our truth within matters more than anything else.

Maybe tears are just a way of identifying truth.