Stop Scheduling That Important Task!

Feb 7, 2021

I am noticing that I feel most at ease, most progress being made when I am actually sorting through things, creating order, taking tangible steps.

Some days it might be that I only clean out a single drawer of papers. Other days it may be that I declutter an entire room.

Sometimes it may be that I only input one “little task” for work. Other times I might chug away for 12 hours straight and not even notice the hours slipping by.

The difficulty with how my mind works on default…

is that I am constantly trying to streamline, plan, be orderly, etc (which is still the goal…) while in the midst of not doing ANYTHING.

When I’m in anxious states, what’s NOT going to help is to keep scheduling my activities and “kicking the can down the road” for those tasks.

In those most-anxious states, it’s most likely I just need to forgo the “systems” and just get my hands moving; typing the message, sending the email, sorting through a box of important papers (even if I only trim it down by 5%), opening up a page to design, etc.

9 times out of 10, I am well into “feeling like working” within minutes of starting.
Just like with this post, which has sat in my “pending posts” list for months.

I opened it at random and just decided to start editing and adding to it.

I’m now well on my way to my writing goal for the day.
All I had to do was honor my bare minimum goal of “write 100 words” by starting with whatever was literally right in front of me.

Not every post needs to be a #banger, but writing the little posts, the “insignificant” posts, the “thank fuck I FINALLY sat down and started” posts:

Those little choices can pave the way for the work that lights us up.

❓ What choice, habit, or task are you postponing or “kicking down the road” by rescheduling indefinitely – that you could just take 1 minute right now to start, touch, or move a measly bit?

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