Starting YouTube? My 7 reasons!

Oct 25, 2021

⏯ Watch it here!

I’m doing the YouTube thing! And tryin’ real hard not to put my typical self-critical, throat-clearing garbage in this post. 😆 SO, my “first” video of this new chapter is in the first comment below.

In this video I talk about “listening to and following one’s calling” even if you don’t know WHY you are so compelled to it.I share some reasons why I feel pulled to this endeavor. (And almost deleted the whole video because of one of them.)

My aim is to have no aim with this YouTube channel – other than “make one more video” and let my voice, message, and style develop through curiosity and experience — not from anticipation and planning.

Through this experimental adventure, I hope to cultivate better storytelling, share new creations (meditations), cultivate new connections and document the process of learning life in real-time.

If you enjoy the video and get anything of value of it, I’d be honored for you to subscribe and/or have a conversation with me about what you got out of the video! ❤

Check it out here! You can drop a comment on the video or leave a comment on Facebook.