Spinning Poi at IDX 2022

Jun 29, 2022

Poi spinning in the alley at Indy Dance X!

Maybe my 7th time spinning so far — happy with how this turned out on the fly!

I had fear getting these out amidst a chill hang out. I usually struggle inserting myself into or commenting on conversations (especially when I don’t have many experiences/memories or can’t relate with most people).

It felt just as awkward to exit from the “conversation” and go do something by myself near everyone. 😆

I knew I wanted to spin at some point at this event and I’m glad I pushed through that initial discomfort — because it’s one more piece of evidence that I /can/ branch off to do my own thing (and won’t explode), do it purely for my own enjoyment, and maybe spark a conversation & get others to play too.

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📷 Thanks for recording, Jp!

🎶 “Enjoy Ya Life” by Jared Brady