What song is life playing?

Jul 10, 2022

What song is life playing right now?

Dance is making a comeback in my life. (Or am I making a comeback to dance?)

Through recent experiences (Indy Dance X, lake dance gathering, and recent Muncie trips), I’ve been getting out to dance again after barely dancing for 2+ years.

I am grateful that for whatever reason I /am/ getting out, dancing, taking photos and videos, and writing-and-sharing once again.

Most importantly, I am grateful that I am “gently easing back in” anytime I “spiral” with self-criticism to instead dance, create, connect, and post.

In recent excursions where I put on my “dancer hat” (or shoes, rather), I’ve felt a rekindled reconnection to myself:

More present, feel freer, more authentic, and can connect more with others. I’m more “in the experience” and more likely to “do the thing” I want to do.

I’m happier, essentially, and the “noise” of my mind quietens. All the future-oriented states of overwhelm dissipate for those hours in the studio.

No scrolling, frantically switching between tasks, nor being “passive and reactive” to life.

While I often seek to map out every part of my future, the calling right now appears to be to take a lesson from my experience in dance:

The best dances I ever have are never mapped out. I’m not rushing to get to the next pattern or movement. I’m slower, flow more, and am CO-CREATING moment-by-moment with my partner and the song.

THAT is what I want to incorporate into my life:

• focusing on the song life is playing right now.

• paying more attention to the partners life gives me.

• honoring my intuition that allows me to uniquely express, experience and co-create within that song.

Too often I ignore my intuition and operate on auto-pilot.

If I slow down juuust enough to hear the music, my partner, and my soul’s invitations — then I can more powerfully share my unique gift or expression with the world and with others. Beautiful partnerships and moments can be enjoyed.

Maybe the answers and direction I seek only becomes clear DURING the song, not before.

Maybe I’m more suited for fluidity, improvisation, presence, and play than I have ever believed before.

Maybe I need to trust and be kinder to myself.

• • •

1 — What song is life playing right now?

2 — How is my intuition and soul inviting me to play within this song?

• • •

📸 Playing with a new lens while at 📍 The Speakeasy on Walnut; Capture by Liudmila

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