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The Quest of Quiet is Austin’s “solo-cast” (solo podcast) where he speaks as openly, authentically, truthfully, and raw as he can. A place to explore everything on the heart from the challenges and frustrations of life to other soulful invitations. Minimal editing or “filtering” of what’s on his heart, as if nobody will ever hear.

This is my vehicle for digging into my soul, being honest about where I’m at in life, and practicing expressing it in a verbal way (a form of verbal processing + self therapy/coaching). My intention is to uncover more of who I am, connect more with the guidance of soul, and build the courage to express this outwardly in a new medium.

Ultimately, to facilitate soul-inspired change in my own life.

There is no end-goal with this solo-cast.

No quota.

No schedule.

Minimal to no editing.

No intentional “value” given to you, the listener.

If someone’s listening, it’s either myself or someone who is genuinely interested in Austin’s heart & mind – or curious about a particular topic being discussed.

At the very least, I hope that any of these audios can be an opportunity to find gentleness, calm, and presence in your day.

I don’t know where this is going, and that’s the point.

If you would like to connect or share your thoughts, please send me a DM! At this time I don’t have a specific place for comments/engagement.

The Quest of Quiet [Solocast 001]

The Quest of Quiet [Solocast 001]

Discovering the “Quest of Quiet” by speaking as honestly and authentically as I can – without filtering or editing. Talking to myself, as if “you” aren’t listening.

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