Sep 17 – Sep 23 (80w, 68d)

Sep 18, 2018

Week Objective Score: 80% (4/5) (Δ +40% from 40%)
Day Objective Score: 68% (17/25) (Δ +1% from 67%)

Intent: A reminder to myself that I can still do things even if they’re not on the Agenda. The Agenda simply states core priorities for that day.

I am taking a lighter approach to the “A5 Contract” and simply not touching/using my main computer at all until A5 is complete, unless I need it for CPU intensive tasks (such as video editing, graphic design, etc). I’ve realized that my day goes to shit, 90% of the time, whenever I use my computer (and to a much lesser extent, my laptop and/or phone) in the first hour(s) of the day.

I’m also putting more priority on getting up around 8:00 am every single day. Although the time may change, I’m aiming for consistency as much as possible – as per lesson taken from 12 Rules for Life. Besides that, my priorities are progressing through programsgetting out of the house (breaking the pattern/cycle, getting out of my environment), revisiting and processing the LA experience, and moving my “minimalism” and decluttering intent towards my digital assets.

I need to start moving forward with “getting clients” and “finding dance students” which requires me to a) develop skills (which is sometimes a form of procrastination) and b) get my offering put together to c) start asking for/offering work.

Recap: This week was a great week, although it felt like there were more times than I’d like that were ‘sub-par.’ But technically and statistically, it was about on-par or slightly above-par than last week. The biggest highlight was finally “approaching the danger,” which should show up on the blog soon enough – but essentially it was identifying that my brain has associated finding clients and building a business as a “dangerous thing” and thus oriented my nervous system to avoid it as much as possible. I worked on rewiring my brain and will continue to do so as I move forward into the next week.

There were a couple of other highlights throughout the week that weren’t necessarily on the “agenda” below. Going out to a bar to dance. Publishing October Westie Nights. Spending less time on the main computer. Large amount of videos caught up for the daily vids; just a few days behind now, compared to almost 2 weeks.

Week Objectives

  1. [1/1] Progress through Future Authoring
  2. [1/1] Start/Progress through Swing Literacy
  3. [1/1] Get Out of the House (Level 3)
  4. [0/1] Sort/Post LA Photos/Video
  5. [1/1] Digital Decluttering Day/Half-Day

Daily Objectives

[4/5] Monday, September 17 // BD#082

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [1/1] Sweep/Minimalism: Declutter, Organize, Clean, Close Loops
  3. [1/1] Studio: Lessons, etc.
  4. [1/1] Swing Literacy (start)
  5. [0/1] Email (( rescheduled ))

[4/5] Tuesday, September 18 // BD#083

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [1/1] Future Authoring
  3. [1/1] Get Out of the House (Ideally, Level 3)
  4. [1/1] Digital Decluttering (Half-Day or Full Day)
  5. [0/1] fwWesties (Project Development)

[1/1] Wednesday, September 19 // BD#084

  1. [-/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [-/1] Future Authoring
  3. [-/1] Swing Literacy
  4. [-/1] WCS Event (decision/planning)
  5. [-/1] Gaming (may be postponed/replaced w/ another task)

Updated Focus:

  1. [1/1] New Focus: Approach the Danger

[1/5] Thursday, September 20 // BD#085

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [0/1] Future Authoring
  3. [0/1] Swing Literacy
  4. [0/1] Email
  5. [0/1] Location Rebel

[3/5] Friday, September 21 // BD#086

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [1/1] WCS Practice
  3. [1/1] Westies Dev
  4. [0/1] Location Rebel
  5. [0/1] Digital Decluttering

[2/5] Saturday, September 22 // BD#087

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [0/1] Face (More of) the Danger
  3. [0/1] Email
  4. [0/1] Westies Dev
  5. [1/1] Video Edits (( 7x! ))

[2/4] Sunday, September 23 // BD#088

  1. [1/1] Meditation — Video — House
  2. [0/1] Email
  3. [0/1] Westies Dev
  4. [1/1] Video Edits


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