Connection Cove – The Pursuit of the Ideal

Dec 24, 2017

Glimmering Butterfly Project – Day 03

I just recently shared one of my Left Page ideas with a handful of people.

By putting in a little effort towards creating a first iteration and attempt at Connection Cove, it made me start thinking about how I wanted to utilize a few days away from stuff and things.

Particularly, away from the stuff and things that are harmful to me, cause me to have negative thoughts, cause me to operate from fear …

And I, without really meaning to, started to think about what I would do, how I would behave, what I would say … when I finally get to that future home-away-from-home.

And in that moment, I wouldn’t be eating a lot of the same stuff I would be now. Not drinking the same stuff.

I probably wouldn’t be spending my entire day gaming. Probably not even on the computer nearly as much.

I wouldn’t be scrolling through Facebook. Only using it as a tool for what I want to accomplish for my various projects or to connect with certain people.

I wouldn’t be watching a ton of Netflix – unless it was specifically to chill with someone or get a little downtime.

I wouldn’t be cycling through YouTube for hours at a time.

And instead, I’d be spending a lot of my time doing meaningful things, even if it was on the surface not considered “productive.” Meaningful, full of the right intent. Whatever the heart was trying to indicate is important.

I imagined myself eating food that was better for me (and maybe because being in that kind of environment, I’d have to specifically pick-and-choose what food I was going to eat in advance).

But of course… I could do all of that right now. I don’t have to wait for Connection Cove to exist.

Connection Cove is, as I’m realizing, “the ideal situation” for myself. Sure, I can still do the project and get even MORE benefit out of it than I first anticipated, but this idealistic “place” and way of being can easily be my thing “today,” right now, right this moment.