Venture 15


Venture 15 has changed my life ever since my dreams and aspirations consolidated into ambitious and intentional action. While not the only positive impact in my life that spurred on a greater drive to pursue something better, they’ve all contributed into the biggest step forward in my life: Venture 15.


I aspire,

To step out of my own range, to reach for that which I feel is impossible. To envision myself where my heart yearns, even at the risk of stepping outside of the circle of comfort. To walk not blindly, but with faith, unto the forsaken grounds of the unknown.

Venture 15 Time Left









Be strong to be useful.


The goal isn’t to become the strongest person in the world, nor even out of my social/peer groups. The goal is simply to become stronger than I was before. To compete against myself.

Inspired by ‘The Iron Challenge.’


#1.) Before & After pictures.

a.) Before – January 1, 2015

b.) After – pending!


#2.) Acquire Set of Weights. – December 2015


#3.) Acquire Pull Up Bar.


#4.) 100 Push Ups.

a.) Max: 35


#5.) 100 Pull Ups.

a.) Max: 8


#6.) 100 Sit Ups.

a.) Max: 15


#7.) 100 lbs. per arm (x10).

a.) Max: 13


#8.) 3 minutes of ‘Planking.’

a.) Max: 1:02 minutes


#9.) Walk 1, 3, 5 miles without stopping.

a.) Max: pending!


#10.) Run 1, 3, 5 miles without stopping.

a.) Max: pending!


#11.) 10s Hand Stand.

a.) Max:


#12.) 10 ft Walking Hand Stand.

a.) Max:

After Picture









The Iron Challenge

Joel Runyon

Brett McKay at the Art of Manliness


Fine tuning the mind.


One of the biggest changes I need to make in my life is the ability to identify and correct negative living patterns. Through the structuring and practice of better discipline, I can move forward with even bigger goals and ambitions, keep out what’s holding me back and keep close whatever is helping me improve the quality of my life.


#1.) Join a Mastermind. – February 2015


#2.) Develop a ‘Franklin Schedule.’ – May 2015 (April?) (ver.2 July)   #3.) 30 Days of Cold Shower Therapy.

a.) Max: ~20 days


#4.) 365 Days without citric acidic drinks.

a.) Consistent thus far: August 2015 (minus 1 vacation week)


#5.) Minimalism: Have a packing party.


The Minimalists

“Perfection is not about adding until we are happy; it’s about removing what’s not essential and holding you back. I’m learning to identify what physical belongings are no longer serving me and making strides to get rid of or donate objects that I’m only holding onto for decades because they “might” be useful.”

Benjamin Franklin


365 Days

Education & Learning

Finding education in every day life.


I believe that one of the biggest impacts to improve my life is to continually increase my education. For the past 5 years now I’ve struggled with the idea of how to go about that: College? On the job training? Internships? Apprenticeships? Figuring it out on my own? At the end of the day, I believe that any education that results in action is an education well spent – both in time and money.

#1.) Read 12 books in 2015.

a.) The Four Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss
b.) The War of Art – Stephen Pressfield (?)
c.) No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr. Glover (?)
d.) Psycho-Cybernetics – x Gladwell (?)
e.) How to

#2.) Take 2 classes of any kind in 2015.

a.) Location Rebel. – January 2015

#3.) Cook 12 meals in 2015.

Other Considerations:


Other books to consider this year include:

• EntreLeadership (Dave Ramsey) | Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey) | Outliers: The Story of Success (Malcolm Gladwell) | Blink: The Power of … (Malcolm Gladwell) | The Tipping Point: How… (Malcolm Gladwell) | Collected Series (Macolm Gladwell) | The Alchemist (Paul Coelho) | Entrepreneur’s Recommendations; LR, Harrington, Ogle, etc.

Other pending goals include:

• Take a class for … (In Progress, in some shape or form) : Web building & design, SEO, coding/programming (, dance, entrepreneurship/business, livestreaming,

• Take a class for … (Pending) :  Graphic design or digital illustration, art, fashion/style/design, investing, stocks, parkour, swordplay, swimming (going underwater without nose-plugs — discipline/physical challenge, not education?), Public speaking, social comfort (fighting social anxiety ; a la ladies?), animation/machinima/cinematagrophy, learn a new language.

Books Read

Meals Cooked


Striving for a future worth living.



#1.) Develop the 2015 budget. – January 2015

#2.) Solo-build a desktop PC from scratch.

#3.) Finance and purchase a laptop (work oriented).

#4.) Buy a ‘new’ car.


Travel & Wanderlust

Daring to Broaden Perceptions


To expand my perception of the world, meet new people and experience new things.


#1.) Travel to 6 locations outside of my hometown in Indiana.

a.) Muncie – Completed April 2015 (80.7 mi)
b.) Fishers – April 2015 (111 mi)
c.) Fort Wayne – May 2015 (Solo)
d.) Syracuse – May 2015 (64.2 mi – Solo)
e.) West Lafayette – Completed June 2015 (121.5 mi – Solo)
f.) Pending!


#2.) Travel to at least 1 of the above locations “on my own.”

a.) Fort Wayne – May 2015
b.) *Syracuse – May 2015 (64.2 mi)
c.) West Lafayette – June 2015 (121.5 mi)

The original goal was to travel to at least one location “out of town” on my own, as I had never:
– traveled anywhere out of my small town by myself in my car (meaning no support from others in the vehicle).
– traveled a long distance (longer than a 30m drive) while alone.
Within the first 6 months of Venture 15 I was able to achieve the goal not once, but twice. These solo ventures, in conjunction with a few key experiences within the first half of Venture 15 have continued to help keep my mind open as to what there is out there to experience.


#3.) Pick a ‘Grand Venture’ location for 2015 or 2016. (ie., national or global destination.)

a.) Pending!


#6.) Travel to 1 location outside of my state of Indiana.

a.) Knoxville, Tennessee
b.) North Carolina
c.) Virginia
d.) Ohio


#5.) Meet a long distance online friend in person.

a.) Ama. 2009?

b.) Seqkat. May 2015


#7.) Go to a TED (or TEDx) Talk.


#8.) Visit the 50 States.


#9.) Travel to 1 location outside of the United States.


#10.) Travel back to Ireland and Scotland. #rahne


#11.) Set-up a backpack for easy “up and go” work. – June 2015

Other Highlights

Europe 2010

Camp Chief Little Turtle

Chain o’ Lakes

And more!

Aspiration Ventures: (NATIONAL): Minnesota, St. Louis // (GLOBAL):Canada, Sweden, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Africa (a la Sabi Sands)


#1.) Out of Town Destinations

#2.) Solo Ventures


#3.) Grand Venture Picked


#8.) 50 States


Those that don't fit the main highlights of Venture 15, but are still important to me.


Important, but don’t draw the attention of the spotlight from Venture 15.


#1.) Leap of Faith: Quit retail. – May 8, 2015


#2.) Commissions of

a.) Aeua Scarletgrove
b.) Aeua Featherflave
c.) Tory – by Kelly


#3.) Get a new wardrobe.


#4.) Find and use a tailor.


#5.) The Wooden Stool Project.


#6.) Build a useful website (or) World of Warcraft add-on.


#7.) Cancel World of Warcraft subscription, V15 Stage 1. – January 2015


#8.) Cancel ArcheAge subscription, V15 Stage 1. – January 2015


#9.) Go sailing with Seqkat.

Comfort Challenges & Rejection Therapy

Comfort Challenges

Inspired by Till H. Gro(b) and Tim Ferriss.



Rejection Therapy

Inspired by Jia Jang (?).



Venture Catalysts

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