Preparing for The Wild Emergence

Jan 20, 2021

I’m embarking on the first major adventure in quite some time – and will be getting massively out of my comfort zone in the process.

When I first started working for Jamie, I thought it would be a one-and-done deal.

… Heh.

Little did I know that a one-time project for a “landing page” she needed put together for The Wild Emergence would end up being the very experience I would be participating in AND helping co-create and facilitate at.

To go from the “behind the scenes” guy to now packing my bag and getting myself ready to embark on a week-long journey where I will be challenged and pushed to evolve in

• leadership

• vulnerability

• authenticity

• connection, and

• truly ‘showing up.’

Challenged to listen to my heart, trust it, and lead with it IN THE MOMENT.

(One of the hardest things for me.)

Many big growth periods for me have been along the… untraditional path.

I think back to attending IDX for the first time – where I skipped the ‘participant’ line and went straight to volunteering and seeing behind the scenes.

Or starting a West Coast Swing club – skipping straight to the organizational/leadership role as “the shy guy” who was terrified of being in the spotlight.

Or helping at the Anchor Room – where I jumped into things without much prior experience, no resume, no ‘formalities.’

These were the moments that called me off the beaten path.

The Wild Emergence feels like that for me. It’s why I’ve enjoyed working with and helping Jamie in all the ways that I have since the beginning.

There has always been this mysterious, intriguing glimmer of growth and possibility that can be FELT.

A feeling that says, “There’s something magical on the other side of this.”
I trust that this journey will facilitate much-needed growth in myself.

A journey that will

• help me show up more courageously in the world,

• help me to become a more present and grounded individual, and

• teach me the intuitive skills I need to be a leader in my own life and in the communities I desire to cultivate.

A journey to trust myself and my own heart.

On the other side of all of the ‘untraditional’ journeys like this one, there is always a massive payoff in the end that sticks with me beyond the experience.

Just by following that natural tug of the heart.

The Wild Emergence is that next tug for me.

An experience where I can’t fully “think” my way through. An experience that has to be felt, physically experienced – in the moment.

My nervous system needs tangible experience that it’s not only OKAY to be who you are – but essential.

Because when I’m leading with the heart, it creates beautiful space for personal evolution, meaningful connections & communities, and courage to show up in an authentic way that will help the world around me.

#TheWildEmergence #damnitjamie

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