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Below you’ll find all of my current efforts/projects towards “creating Order From Chaos” in my life.

Chaos From Order

Chaos from Order is the phrase I am using to create orderliness from the mess that I’ve created in my life as a result of certain actions (or inaction). Most of my Order From Chaos efforts are centered around building self-discipline, getting my own place, becoming an individual, becoming “strong” and confident, etc.

Much of this is driven from the concept of “cleaning your room” and “setting your house in order” for myself first and foremost.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it.

1. Daily Schedule

Morning: Wake, Meditation/Engagement/Self-Connection Time, Shower, Gratitude & Morning Pages, JBP 5 Dragons

Evening: Devices off by 30/60 min prior to bed, JBP 5 Dragons, Journaling/Reading, Sleep

Repeatable Dailies: Sweep, Social Media & Community Dev “RoleHat”, LR or “Office Hours”

2. Weekly Schedule

(in progress)

Establishing sleep consistency

Wake Target: 8:00 am (secondary: 10:00 am) – the less I can rely on my phone to wake up, the better

“Disconnect” target: 11:00 pm (secondary: 1:00 am) – all devices off, no screens, no incoming digital media

Sleep target: less pertinent than upper two, but aiming for 12:00 am (secondary: 2:00 am). Will adjust based on amount of sleep actually needed, but my focus is waking at the same time.

Future Authoring (from the Self Authoring Suite)

My current “North Stars” based on this program:

Written about …
1. Acquire and Curate the HQ
2. Become Disciplined via Routine and Consistency
3. Create Value and Generate Income to Build a Financial Foundation
4. All-Star Bound & Dance Development

Pending …
5. Be Immersed in Creation, Art/Design, and Self Expression
6. Improve Communication Skills and Develop Positive Relationships
7. Cultivate Communities of Awesome and Develop Leadership Capability
8. Go to Burning Man and Integrate Principles of Life

Past and Present programs will come at a later date.

Minimalism & Decluttering – the physical and digital, as well as project priority


“Clean your room.”


Career / Income


HQ & Connection Cove (& The Runway) – Making the room beautiful.

Aspiring to get my own place, even if I don’t have the income to support it. I’m using what savings I have to create a situation that will force me to evolve very quickly.

HQ is getting an apartment. HQ is creating an environment that is highly insular, highly conducive to my goals. HQ is a headquarters, a base of operations for how I want to dominate my world. HQ is in part, Connection Cove: the place I will invite friends over, or use as a gathering space for heart-centered individuals that want to meet, socialize, strategize, and so on. But my HQ is designed to be a headquarters, not just a home.

I want to beautify my room, my space, my HQ in such a way that makes sense for me and my ambitions. It may or may not look like a traditional home or apartment. What immediately comes to mind is not having a TV (unless I have guests over). Having a sound system for music/state, unique and highly modified lighting to manipulate environment, a massive table, whiteboards and shelves for projects/planning/execution, instead of sofas and other furniture I wouldn’t use.

Channel 3

Swing Literacy, Location Rebel, Self Authoring


A state, a mindset, a community.

Burning Man & Life Principles

2019 Metamorphoses

Youtube and Blogging – self actualization, independence, confidence, etc.


Other Minor Projects


Those that Inspire:

Gary Vaynerchuk, Lindsey Stirling, Kyle Cease, Andy Frisella, Simon Sinek, Jordan B. Peterson, Cody Wanner, WCS Champions


Articles – Order From Chaos

Dark Cave of the Soul

Dark Cave of the Soul

The black, dark cave of my soul does not care about you or anything that is not “us” – the mind, the body, the heart, the soul. It’s the part of my personality that wants me to be completely selfish, so that I can grow, and better contribute back to the world from a place of strength, not of fear and weakness.

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