I’m Not Living a Story Worth Telling … Yet.

Nov 6, 2018

Telling myself and the internets that I want to “live a story worth telling” feels like a bold, audacious claim.

Who am I to say that my life is “worth telling”?

And honestly – I don’t think it IS worth telling.


That’s the key word.

Am I making progress or doing ‘great’ things in the eyes of some, or in comparison to where I was years ago? Certainly.

Although for the audacity that I have in what I envision, I’m no-where close.

I recognize the importance of sharing my story, my experiences TODAY, even in the mumbly-bumbly nothing-ness. The not-yet-worth-telling moments.

Because these moments are just as important as the parts that would seem ‘legendary’ and ‘worth telling.’

They are the foundation, the decisive moments, the fumblings — the REALITY of the MY STORY, today.

And these moments, as un-epic, un-grand, un-worthy of a “story” as they are … lead me to the next step, and the next step, and the next.

Until I have a history of moments, experiences, lessons, relationships …

And those are what create a story worth telling.

So in order to get to THERE, to THOSE moments, to THAT story … I have to live THIS story.

Today. This moment. This next step.

Especially the un-epic moments.

Because those not-so-worthy moments are quite possibly the most important, because they are THIS moment, which leads to the next moment which leads to the grandeur, the ambitious, the “worthy.”

Despite the un-epicness in comparison to what I say I aspire towards…

It’s important that I keep speaking that, that I keep believing that, and that I do my best to keep LIVING that intention and audacious claim.

I have to have the courage to speak what is true, what I believe in — and the willingness to look like some crazy-head spouting off a bunch of things that don’t make sense to you, that don’t seem “realistic,” or whatever else my fear wants to use as an excuse to hold me back.

If I hold myself back, then I will never live that story worth telling.

The story is always happening, always being written — am I choosing to keep turning the page, keep moving forward, and keep putting down the words that reflect my reality and direction towards an epic life, an epic story, an epic impact?

I’m not there yet, but I must dare to say that I will be and map my actions to that claim.

Dare to speak those dreams and aspirations into reality.

Nothing is real until it is. Everything is imaginary until it’s not.

Nothing is epic until it is. Everything is boring until it’s not.

I have to be okay with boring to get to epic.

I’m Not Living a Story Worth Telling … Yet.

// Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash