New Beginnings

Apr 6, 2015

My name is Austin Pranger. I’m twenty-three years old, was born and raised in north-eastern part of Indiana, USA in the small town of New Haven. I haven’t figured out exactly where I’m going with this website, but I know that I’ll figure it out along the way. In the interim I will be using for a number of different reasons:


To identify my ambitions, organize my thoughts, formulate strategies and be held accountable.

I’ve used other website platforms to visually present my ambitions in a way that is clear and motivating to myself. I will be using this website to do the exact same thing so that I have something to look upon when I need a dash of inspiration – to remind me about why I’m doing what I’m doing. Over the years I’ve learned that I can’t rely on others to make the changes I want to have in my life. While others are absolutely instrumental to having a successful and fulfilling life, they are not the ones that need to make the hard decisions, the hard call or the leap of faith to really make a difference in my own life.

By expressing my dreams, ambitions and plans, I hope not only to motivate myself but to find people who are willing to hold me accountable for what I say I’m going to do. It’s easy to promise yourself to do anything and just as easy to break that promise if it’s not out in the open or told to someone. By expressing them here, I hope to add a layer of accountability that will offer an extra push of motivation to get shit done.

My first project is Venture 15, an aggressive personal campaign to identify what I want to accomplish and the goals that will help me get there. This is an ever evolving project.


To share my journeys, my experiences and to open up.

For most of my life, I’ve been painfully shy. I was a People-Pleaser. I let people walk all over me, even if they didn’t intend to. I still suffer from these at different times, but now that I’ve identified it as a problem I can take steps towards correcting it. My aspiration here is to become more individualized, far more independent and self-sufficient. I’m tired of being shy and anxious in social situations. There are a lot of things that I fear and want to correct and I plan to throw myself into the arena anyway.

This means that I’ll be opening myself up to share my thoughts and experiences about a multitude of different topics and adventures: shyness and social anxiety, overcoming fears, leadership, entrepreneurship and much more. My posts here won’t be about strictly business; I’ll share content and thoughts about business, personal, my entertainment, my travels and more.


To showcase my services.

This year I am developing a new set of skills that I plan to utilize in order to help friends, family and clients alike. I hope to one day be a valuable asset to a team, even if I may work independently with many of my services. I don’t know what services I’ll take on, but they’ll always be available on my services page. Currently, I’m focusing heavily on remote work and location independent services. At the time of writing, my main skillset is content writing that has been optimized for search engines (SEO Content Writer). I’ll be developing skills as a Copywriter and as an SEO Consultant in the coming weeks and months. Following that, I plan to develop skills as a front-end web developer. Where I go from there is up in the air.


The Year of 2015 has been tremendous in just the past 3-4 months. I’ve done more for myself than I have in the past few years combined. Although, that’s not to say I’ve had wonderful experiences in the past few years. But I’ve never invested in myself in the way that I have this year.


Here’s to a new chapter.