Choose Momentum Over Outcome (When You’re Stuck)

Oct 14, 2020

The amount I have been writing has dramatically increased because of 2 reasons:

1 – getting this laptop.

It’s probably worse than my last one honesty. In this picture it’s sitting next to my main computer that, from a hardware perspective blows it out of the water.

Yet, I prefer the the technically weaker laptop simply for the typing experience, flexibility of where I write, and the intentionally simplified function.

After you have the basis of “being able to write at all,” (any computer regardless of setup) then I can focus on improving the writing experience (laptop).

But sometimes it takes just s simple tweak to get into a better flow (new pen, new laptop, turning the desk around, getting accountability buddy, writing something different, etc).

2 – NonZeroDays. (No “zero days.”)

Heard about this on reddit maybe 2 weeks ago and is my newest implementation focus.

At least 1 pushup to qualify for exercise for the day = more pushups and overall exercise done in 2 weeks than all of last year combined (not including dance 😏).
Just 1 page of a book.
1 minute of meditation.
1(hundred) words written.
1 shared content. (Guess what my post is today?)

In the beginning the goal is not a perfect or grandiose system or outcome.

It’s just ONE of something. As simple as can be.


Aiming for MOMENTUM, not outcome.

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