Meditation Musings – 05.14.18 – Courage, Presence, Insularity — The name of the game.

May 14, 2018


This post is free form and with minimal edits, just as I wrote them down during my meditation. Italics indicate follow-up thoughts.


Meditation and being present is so important, even if it’s just 5 minutes. Be consistent and be intentional about it.

I’m becoming aware of my Rising levels of Courage; wearing leggings, contemplating higher heeled boots, etc.  — Partly b/c of watching most people not care.

Honestly I hesitated on adding that; I’m always 100% honest in my written, private notes. I felt that resistance not to share that tidbit. But the reason I left it in is because a) probably only one or two people are going to read this (lol), but also b) I’m trying to stay in the mindset of being courageous and seeking discomfort (where freedom and fulfillment lives).

Generally I have noticed that most of my #EmbraceTheWeird attempts have had little or no effect on other people. Are they judging? Maybe, but that’s outside of my control. And even if they are, they don’t open their mouth to say something. They don’t speak their mind, they keep it to themselves. I still haven’t really had to deal with a highly-negative or close-minded person regarding my less-than-normal explorations. I still fear that moment. But I don’t want to let it dictate what I do with my life.

Had a dream about over hearing people [that I knew] talking about me behind my back [about what I was wearing] – and laughing a little – and partly I was mad … but also felt liberating.

This goes right back to my previous note. I always analyze my dreams and figure out what the theme is, what emphasis of them are. Last night’s dream involved precisely with “dealing with the haters,” essentially. And these people in my dream were extended family. This could mean that a part of my subconscious fears MORE then people close to me having judgements than the public. But it also helped me “experience dealing with that possible future” and realizing I can survive anyway.

Inspiration from Dan Mace & Casey Neistat: Opportunity is often missed because it looks like work.

To me I feel this strong pull but I don’t go for it. Am I like Dan Mace was and waiting for opportunity? Probably. I constantly think I need this big project and “thing.” And then being committed to it in all ways. I just need to go. Don’t make it an ego dilemma though. Just commit to living fully every moment.

“Am I truly living in this present moment? Or am I letting Resistance control my life? What am I going to do with my moment, right now, to live fully in this and every moment?”

I really want to be in that Connection Cove state (in my heart) as much as possible + to build in the courage to take action, to be present, to create/express/be and not distract or pacify myself.

This life is on me to decide, to create, to experience. There is no waiting. No waiting for life to give me what I want. Only living through the heart. One next step at a time.

From Kyle Cease – Focusing on thriving/the dream, not surviving/the fear.

SOT Reddit – I could share my 6m crew story and my experience with social anxiety/fear in this game.

Be aware of when you tense; physically and mentally. — Take a step back, be present, and calm yourself. Get into that relaxed, calm, you-state.

Screens and distractions are not your friend (mostly), unless you are creating or intentionally engaged in an activity – i.e., not distracting yourself from your purpose.

Create your life and grow, and seek discomfort for yourself, no others. For your own validation, your own glory, your own satisfaction.

Learn to inspire yourself. Learn to validate yourself. Learn to motivate and challenge yourself.

So many LEFTS are missed because I wait, I let them die in the graveyard of SAVED, ONETAB, and KEEP. ACT NOW.

Q: How can I stay aligned in the beautiful state of Connection Cove and actively move forward with my life (and not hide and be passive)?


  • Always be present.
  • Step away as needed, when you catch yourself being distracted – control yourself, your situation, your destiny. — You are the ruler of you.
  • Identify/listen to the next step.
  • Go work on that (or what is most important right now), exclusively, solely, intentionally. No other stuff going on. Kill the music if it’s too distracting.
  • → Don’t be creating future strategies when the answer is to be present RIGHT NOW AND GO.