Meditation Musings – 03.14.08

Mar 14, 2018

#Meditation Musings

This post is free form and with minimal edits, just as I wrote them down during my meditation. Italics indicate follow-up thoughts.

  • This moment is the only moment that matters. Not how I’m going to “get myself to meditate tomorrow.” This meditation right now. And whatever comes after meditation is what will be important then … but not now. Planing is one thing – but sacrificing every single “now moment” to live in “what I ‘will be’ doing” is not effective and does not feed the soul adequately.
  • Meditation is not about “getting something.” It’s about connecting to yourself … and teaching yourself that your time, spent on you, is worthwhile! It’s valuable to work on you. Meditation is not a transaction – you’re not trading time for insight or mood or state (although you do ‘get’ all that ) … meditation is an investment. Investors invest in things they believe in … there’s high ROI in meditation … but it may not always come up immediately. Keep investing in yourself, your time, and your heart.
  • I don’t need to “tell” anyone. I don’t “have” to share my insights or my reasoning for doing things, or my “complicated” history/excuses … I can just do things for myself, do things I believe in, for my club …. And leave it at that. :) Let’s stay focused on our Heart, our truth … our next steps.