Meditation Musings – 03.01.18

Mar 1, 2018

#Meditation Musings

This post is free form and with minimal edits, just as I wrote them down during my meditation. Italics indicate follow-up thoughts.

  • Biggest anxieties of DFA. I can figure out ahead of time through research & making a decision.
  • Working w/ what I know, what I’ve written, what I’ve already committed to is MORE important than trying to “learn more” or “set up a new plan” or “set up a new system.”
    • Move forward w/ what you’ve got.
    • Read what you‘ve written.
  • The calmness may be the most valuable thing from meditation right now (aside from connecting to the Heart).
  • A lot of my days are hard to remember, which I would probably attribute to (1.) lack of CONSISTENCY in my sleep and (2.) PASSIVITY (succumbing to distractions).
    • So. More consistency w/ sleep + do stuff that’s exciting. :)

About 10-15 minutes in, I decided I wanted to be more intentional with my meditation rather than just “watch the show.”

What does my Heart most want to say right now?

  • Clean. Empty out. Clarity and focus on what matters.
  • Step into your joysNo fearno shame.
  • Be who you ARE. “Who you want to be” is who you actually are … when you’re not playing small or being inhibited. You’re stronger than you realize.
  • You can show them, you can tell them. Share who you are. Don’t hide it. It does not serve you or them. Trust that they can handle it & embrace it and trust that you’ll be fine no matter what happens.
  • All this time you’re spending passively in avoidance … you could be spending guilt free. Same things but actually ENJOYING yourself. Or you can be connecting w/ yourself. Or just following your intuitions & excitement.
  • Push yourself & go all in.  You know what you could be doing and how much effort/attention you can really give something. Be courageous. <3
  • Your situation is unique. You don’t need to have a similar story as someone else. Nobody needs to relate or understand.
  • Use the moments you have NOW. Yes, you can have a direction to move in …. but you only have today … this moment (and not later today) to move the needle forward on what you & your heart cares about. Imagine that it’s up to you to move as much as possible forward on what’s important (to your progress, vision, your health) for TODAY before Austin#9581 to complete his mission. It’s not just you. It’s all the yous.
  • → Your EXPERIENCE as you call it will ALTER based on what you do. Yes, maybe meditation is not “doing,” tangibly … but it moves you forward. But when you move based on your actual intuition and Heart-based guidance … Your EXPERIENCE becomes better, more enjoyable, more impacting.

“How will you progress your story today?”