Find Your Next Step — Procrastination & Courage to Take Action | Guided Meditation

Aug 31, 2021

I created my first ever “Guided Meditation”! It’s almost 14 minutes long and focuses on finding calmness, quieting the inner critic, and guiding yourself to answers.


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This is the written text from my post on Facebook. 💖

“You are the only one you are waiting on.”

I made my first audio-visual “guided meditation”!

It’s an answer to my own struggles with the inner-critic’s negative dialogue, procrastination, and not taking ownership in my own life.

This ~14 minute audio covers…

• Calming oneself down,

• Identifying a calling/goal – and the next step to take, and

• Reframing negative, self-critical thoughts into more self-empowering dialogue.

I was so enveloped in this experiment that for a day, it cured my procrastination, self-criticism, depression symptoms, anxiety, distraction tendency, …

It’s the calmest and most ‘sovereign’ I’ve felt in a while.

—— —

All I’ve needed lately is to be able to talk to myself in a kind way.

To feel, internally, as though I am in the driver seat of my life.

To not berate myself every waking moment.

When I ‘hear’ and ‘see’ myself in these kinds of projects, it usually pushes me to tears – because I commonly live in a state of passivity and consumption.

I aspire to live in the arena – but often watch from the sidelines.

These experiences end up breaking me – because it’s an interrupt to the norm; stepping off my own beaten path.

These projects are how I push myself off of the sidelines and into the arena.


When I went to sleep the night before, I felt this feeling that “something will be different tomorrow.”

The moment I woke up I started thinking about this project.

Even though it’s not the first time I’ve had the IDEA, it IS the first time I actually DID something with the idea.

I stayed completely “off grid” for hours of writing, went straight into recording, experimented with visualizers, and finished out the project.

Most of the “problems” I envisioned weeks and months ago – I pushed through and found a solution to.


During the creation of this project, there was a ‘moment.’

I started thinking about “you.”

How “you” would perceive the creation.

How I should keep writing and editing it for “you.”

🟥 RED ALERT — I stopped the moment I caught it.

“You” are not client of this project.

I restarted my editing to write in a way that the “client” would be pleased.

More direct, less passive, and more kind and encouraging.

“What was the message I needed to give to myself? What did I need to audibly hear?”

While this creation is certainly for me – I hope that some of you will enjoy it. 💖

I will be trying this meditation in the mornings and throughout days when I need a “reset” to shush the inner critic.

If you give it a try and you have a positive experience or some constructive feedback, I would love to hear it.

Thanks for reading. Happy listening. ❤