Glimpses Into Magma 2019

Mar 18, 2020

Little glimpses and moments into my experience at Magma Chicago 2019 (August 5-8) put on by Kit & Rosie // The Little Volcano.

Normally I take a lot more photos during events, experiences, and trips, but I tried to stay a little more disconnected from my phone than I usually am.

Magma for me was not about some black-and-white shift in my life, but in building more real, tangible reference points for my mind and nervous system to utilize in becoming the person I want to be on a more consistent basis.

There were many things I learned and experienced that I won’t be able to fit in this post. But I’ll try with what I can recall top-of-mind.

(1) Most prominently was finding an inner calm and strength that I’ve discovered before, but not at the level I had experienced at the event. There was a level of self-connection I had never felt before.

(2) 12% to others may be 1,200% to you. My experiences reinforced the importance of knowing your own truth and embracing “your way” amidst the noise, the chaos, and the common ways of others. My growth my look different but it is not lesser nor greater than another’s. Seek not what is the best way among others, but rather know the truth of what is best for you.

(3) I remembered the value of taking full responsibility of everything – without the disempowering bullshit stories, explanations, and excuses.

(4) It’s not only “okay,” but ESSENTIAL to ‘simply’ do what you need to do for yourself. To take responsibility for your own growth, to embrace what it is your heart wants in any given moment. And to ask for it, or just go do it. Don’t put that important shit in someone else’s hands. Don’t let your fear of looking different or selfish prevent you from getting what you NEED for yourself and what is going to GROW you.

(5) Magma affirmed that my stage in life right now is about
e x p e r i e n c i n g
not just understanding. The process of physically reconditioning the nervous system, not just knowing things intellectually.

(6) I stepped out of my comfort zone in ways I didn’t anticipate.

(7) I found myself closing the gap between authentic, heart-felt impulses and the action required to actualize those impulses and ambitions. The smaller the gap, and the more times I jump that gap, the more authentic and confident I find myself becoming.

(8) I also held back in ways I wish I hadn’t, but those become references for motivating change and action in the next moment. Opportunities pass.

(9) Community and environment plays a huge fucking role in everything. If you surround yourself with a bunch of supportive crazies, you’re bound to do some pretty crazy awesome shit in due time – because crazy-awesome is the norm with the right community.

Wherever they may be for you, find them — or be one and draw them to you.

Each crazy experience [like Magma] helps to build into my nervous system and subconscious that “this is MY normal” to have these kinds of experiences, to meet incredible people, to GROW, and to have full, heart-expansive adventures in life.


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Feature photo by Kim Marquez!

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