Love Profusely: Dare to Give Everything Your Heart Wants to Give

May 29, 2018

I’m working on more consistently entering these really incredible states of flow and “heart-states,” as I like to call them. They usually show up after one of the following “methods”:

1.) I watch or listen to some kind of content that really gets me into my heart or into the highest-ideal– that “compelling vision of the future” that just “feels right.” Sometimes music can have this effect too, as well as reading content I’ve written for myself while in “that state.”

2.) Going deep into conversation with “heart-based people.” And,

3.) Spending the time meditating and being completely disconnected from distractions/addictions.

Almost all of these cause me to feel this incredible swelling of energy in my heart and body. All I could think about is how much I just wanted to live, give, and express. I wanted to love profusely, in absurd amounts, through everything that I’m doing, everything that I “am,” and through everything I can give to others.

After finishing up one of the final live group calls with Kyle Cease in the Entrepreneurial Shift … I had entered that state of flow. Today I technically start my new personal commitment project, which I’m calling HEARTBOUND LIVE or LIVE HEART, a 90 day dare/challenge to  “step into your greatness.”

All I could think about was being 100% myself in everything that I do. My writing work. My interactions with people. My gaming. The West Coast Swing club. My teaching. My attire choices. And so on.

Being who I am, no matter what, and learning to trust myself is one of the most important things for me to be doing right now.

While I was in that heart-state, I had a handful of substantial pulls from my heart or visions that stood out as I stayed with that flow and self-connection.

Fort Wayne Westies, Teaching Dance, and Studio Work

When I was in that state of flow, all I could think about was spending virtually all of my time “working on the club” and developing the studio further. Putting together lessons, new content for the website, video series, creating events and opportunities for people to learn, practice, dance, and socialize.

But what felt really prevalent in that state was to “be myself” in all the ways that I can throughout the whole thing. There is a part of my mind that is begging to “do things the right way,” but my heart says to just be authentic and to do things in my crazy, quirky, and heartfelt way. The ambitious things, the silly things, the personal things — all of it.

And then on top of that, to strive to provide so much value and care to those involved. I never started the club as a way to make money and have no personal intentions to do so in that way – I just want to see West Coast Swing grow in this area and I want to do whatever I can to give people the information, resources, and opportunities to learn and master the art of West Coast Swing — and to otherwise enhance the quality of their life by being a part of the “Westie Movement.”

This even pours over into my potential work at the studio. There’s so many different angles that I can approach from the point of “giving value” and operating “from the heart.” I really don’t want to be approaching my interactions with anything from the point of view of making an income. I simply just need to start acting on those heart-based intuitions and impulses.

Personal Dance Journey

Would it be any surprise that being in that serene state of heart-based flow involves so much emphasis on dance? “Loving profusely” also means caring for yourself and doing the work to improve who you are.

I’ve said it a lot, but have yet to really commit to it entirely (aside from the random sporadic moments), but I want to spend more time and energy into learning, practicing, and mastering my dancing — especially in West Coast Swing.

In that state of flow, it was easier to imagine myself actually putting in the work, spending the time “working on me” and not relying on other people to practice with me before I start.

In that state, self-improvement and seeking discomfort (in the pursuit of growth) is EXCITING, not overwhelming or intimidating. I’m not focusing on the right/wrong ways to go about it. I just imagine doing it and letting my process/method develop naturally.

And by starting before anyone joins me is precisely what can help accelerate the process of finding people to practice with.

When I commit to personal growth in dance, it creates a platform of experiences and tangible evidence that “I am growing” and improving in my art. I can use that platform to help encourage others to grow in their art, join me in improving, or otherwise help them see that it’s possible to “work on you” even if you don’t have anyone else to do so with.

In other words, spending the time to work on my art, for myself and for nobody else, it gives me the inner confidence, allows me to self-validate, and creates more experiential references that the time spent on myself is 100% worth it.

Being Me: Attire

The longer I get from the days of first accepting and sharing that “inner secret quirk,” the more times I enter that state of heart-based flow, and the more often I push myself out of my comfort zone to wear something unconventional … the more confident I get in attempting to be truer to who I am in wearing what I want to wear.

Wearing what I want to wear is not about trying to garner attention, although my mind puts a lot of attention on that out of fear because I know the bolder I get, the more likely it is to happen. Wearing what I want to wear is my pursuit of learning to accept and love myself for who I am. In order to love profusely, I have to have the courage to actually do what makes me me. Even if that means inadvertently putting myself in a spotlight of sorts by wearing less-than-traditional attire.

Loving profusely is not about the attention as much as it is in “letting yourself shine into the world,” which can have a beneficial effect of showcasing to others: “you can be you, too.”

It doesn’t need to be anything bold. By loving yourself and being who you really are, it gives evidence to others that they can be themselves too, even if they do not consciously recognize that. Seeing misfits in the world who are just being themselves (and not necessarily trying to be in the spotlight intentionally – although you can do both), causes a flash of a moment for someone that is aching to be themselves, that others in the world are doing exactly that: and surviving, or in many cases: wildly thriving.

The intensity of how much I care to be myself while risking that is getting stronger: I don’t want to hide who I am simply on the basis that someone is close minded. Why would I care what they think if they’re so focused on putting down others?

The impact that you can have for profusely loving yourself and being who you are can start ripples, even if they’re small, in getting others to love themselves and be who they are.

Mini-EOL Gatherings

My heart has really wanted me to dig deep on personal development and growth. One of the things I’ve had come back to me on more than a few occasions is to start looking for people locally that really connect with the EOL/Kyle Cease messages and methods. And I just imagine, especially when I’m overflowing with that flow of the heart, meeting with people on a regular basis to talk about things, discuss what we’re going through, express who we are and what we want to do in the world, and create reinforcement between people who “think and live this way.”

The details I don’t have down, but it’s a common feeling that keeps coming back. The more I think about it, the more I feel it, and the more I talk/write about it … the closer to reality it becomes until I finally put out the effort to bring it to life.

Stepping Into Greatness, Serenity, and Self Care

One of the most prominent characteristics of entering a state of heart-flow, besides this insane intensity to just love and care and connect and create … is this unquestionable feeling of serenity. The world feels calm. No matter what’s going on around me, I have this internal peace that takes a lot to be shaken. Of course those states of flow don’t always last (but the more I do it, the easier the get to enter and the longer they last).

But while I’m in them, I feel invincible. I almost feel like a different person.

And “that person,” that “me in in the heart,” doesn’t want to live in a mediocre way. I want to do great things and impact the world. I want to take care of myself and I want to take care of the people around me, especially those closest to me – those who have and do touch my soul; those that are and will make a positive difference in the world.

More than anything…

When I’m in my heart, I want nothing more than to love, give, and express. I just want to be who I am. I don’t want to be chained down. I want to take on the world – in a positive way – and do everything I was meant to do while I’m here with the time that I have. Even if that means just doing my quiet thing in my quiet corner of the world. But that also means embracing the possibility that I’m meant to do something more, something beyond what my fears want to limit me to, to be louder and brighter than I’ve ever been.

It’s such an esoteric (ethereal?) feeling, but it’s so … real, at the same time. I’m still learning how to explain and articulate what it is – but what’s more important is to actually just listen to it, accept it, and then move with love based on that intuition. I don’t “have” to explain it – I just have to do it. Whatever “it” is.

Because none of it matters if I don’t do what the heart says. Each time I shake my head, look away, and try to ignore the heart, it teaches my entire nervous system that those intuitions are not worthwhile, that I AM NOT WORTHWHILE. And that is not the truth.

We all have a value to provide and I’m working on trusting myself, because even if I can’t tangibly see that value yet or how to manifest into reality what I feel in my heart — there IS value inside of me. Untapped potential … if only I get out of my own way and let the heart guide me.

Love profusely: there is magic in following that flow, in listening to the heart, and in being who you are and doing what you want. Dare to give everything your heart has to give.