Do You Look At Yourself?

Jul 9, 2019

When was the last time you looked at yourself?

I’ve been recording a video today after a long hiatus and I got sucked into watching and listening to myself. I was literally … entertaining myself.


What I mean –

When I was recording and when I listened to the playback of the video,

It felt more ACCURATE to my inner thoughts.

There wasn’t a massive contrast between what I thought and what was said (like there has been in the past).

I used to dislike what I saw on camera,
because it didn’t feel like “me.”

I became acutely aware that who I am on the inside is NOT what I can articulate on the outside.

After having gone months without recording and watching myself, today I got to witness the growth I had made in my presence and communication.

But up until just now, I didn’t acknowledge or accept that I had made that progression.

I had consistently reinforced my beliefs that “I’m not a great communicator” or that “I can’t calmly gather and articulate my thoughts.”

With a little observation and retrospection I can look back and say,

“No, wait a minute, I’ve made an improvement.”

We all know that that’s how self-improvement works,
growth over time.

It”s different to witness and experience it first-hand.

Is there still room for improvement?


We have to take time once in a while to ask ourselves if the beliefs about ourselves or our situation is still true.

Because it might not be.

All it may take is looking in the mirror, through your phone, or in your feed to see the progression you’ve made.

It’s encouraging to know that the future involves growth, too, and that we can look back on these moments today and see a leap from where we are then.

When was the last time you looked at yourself?