The Lighthouse Lounge

a community space for
Authentic Expression • Inner Attunement • Empowering Connections


a home to Austin’s shenanigans
opportunities to grow as a luminary in your own life.

What does it mean to be a LUMINARY?

Do you constantly look for answers and advice on how to live your life or what to do next?

Looking for the “light” that will guide your way through the challenges of life?

It’s a common trend in my life.

There are great things to be learned from others, but you might be neglecting one of the most important resources:

your own heart and intuition.

to be your own luminary is to inspire yourself – to see yourself and radiate your inner truth outwards.

You’ve read enough,
watched enough,
asked for enough advice.

Now is the time to take all that you know
and put it to use.

A lighthouse stands on the edge of the ocean and shines its OWN light.

It does not get the light from “the outside” before it dares to radiate its light outwards.

It may be built and powered from outside, but no lighthouse is effective if it has to wait for someone else’s sun to shine before giving its own light.

Being your own luminary is not so that you can “guide others” or “be in the spotlight.”

being a luminary requires that you


find your own light.

And when you do,

you light the way for others to find their own light.

The Lighthouse Lounge is an intentional space I am cultivating that is both highly-personal as well as communal – for those that will find some benefit from it.

This space will be home to all of my best efforts to grow personally (as I share it openly), my ambitious ideas (like the LHL itself), and more.


It is to be an evolving community of individuals who not only want to play a part, or follow along in my journeys and personal developments…

But also feel called to be their own luminary in life – finding the courage to be who they are and to let yourself shine in the world.

Whatever that looks like for you.

I am not using LHL as the home for everything I do, but just a place to build and facilitate those projects or connections. Much of what I do will be published or executed externally, although LHL members will generally have first dibs on it.


The Lighthouse Lounge consists of 2 segments:


Becoming your own luminary.

Cultivate a connection to yourself, learn to inspire yourself, and develop self-acceptance:

join conversations,
make your own posts,
join local activities,
take part in growth-oriented exercises,
prompt new ideas/opportunities,
and more.

You are invited to show up and share your truth!


You’re just along for the ride.

Whether you participate or not, you want to show your support – or simply be kept “in the loop” as Austin explores, creates, and shares parts of his journey through his life & various topics of the Lighthouse Lounge.

The Lighthouse Lounge will be my “first stop” when creating something new, exploring a new idea, or just getting my thoughts out – in the hopes that it helps me find inner motivation or helps someone else in some way.

The Lighthouse e_Lounge

I would like to facilitate a space where people can come together, meet, or just co-work in “silence.”

I’ve seen the idea done before and want to cultivate something for myself as well among people that are close to me.

The idea is to meet on a virtual conferencing platform like ZOOM at a specified time of day (if the conference is not open 24/7).

We’ll briefly talk about what we want to accomplish in the next 30 minutes to 3 hours,

mute ourselves,

get to work,

and sign out when we’re done with our task or when we’ve made progress in the time we’ve allotted to ourselves.

Other days/times might be more suited for casual meetup chatter, brainstorming ideas, and more.

This is created because I need little “anchors” in my week to help me associate my time as “I’m at work.”

If this benefits you, GREAT.

Grab a drink, set your intention, and let’s get to work.


Clear the Deck Weekly

Let’s sit down and dedicate an hour or two to chip away, or completely SMASH that massive pile of clutter in our life. Whether it be paper, digital assets, mental obligations…

We’ll meet at the same time every week, mute ourselves, and get to work reducing the “backlog.”



Sharing tidbits about what’s going on in life lately, I’ve found that doing videos is an effective way of getting thoughts down “on paper” so that I can move forward with my day.

There is an incredible amount of energy that seems to come forth from expressing outwards, verbally.


Future Modules

Daily Readings / Prompts

Weekly Challenges

Courage Crusades

CommunitY Dev Hours (Local)

Guidelines of the Group

BE RESPECTFUL of everyone and spaces/venues utilized.

NO SALES/SELLING unless prompted. (:

DARE YOURSELF to be as open, authentic, and courageous as possible. You find your light by exercising bravery to cultivate it.

This is Austin’s space; it will constantly evolve and Austin will be using it largely for personal and communal purposes.

Joining the LHL

1. Click here to join the FB GROUP.

2. Fill out the questions.