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Manifesto 2019 | LEASSBA

Live fully in the arena.
Consult your inner counsel in silence and radiate outwards.

Employ courage over fear.
Do “it” even when it’s hard or unpleasant. Fear has no say.

Act, then adapt.
Move forward and course-correct after. Plan, yes, but plan less.

Speak and act with authenticity.
Stand up straight with your shoulders back and stop saying things that make you weak.

Minimize. Less moving parts, less things, less pursuits. Get to the core.

Be the experienceographer of your life.
Create experiences, don’t only capture and recount them.

Always be evolving.
Be the creator of yourself.


North Stars
  1. WCS Mastery
  2. Dance Coaching
  3. Experienceographer
  4. Financial Grounding
  5. Community/Connection (fwWesties, Heartbound, Eularity, Courage Crusade/Evolution)
  6. Burning Man