Letting Go of What’s “Not a 10”

Apr 19, 2019

“… when it becomes a distraction from getting yourself someplace where you can be happy then it’s not worth doing.”

Sometimes the people you’re afraid of upsetting/angering/disappointing can actually be more understanding of your own situation than you are.

That’s what I’ve noticed anyway.

Last night I got into a really weird space, not realizing how behind on sleep I was.

After sleeping in and with a freshened perspective this morning, I deliberated with myself and chose to “let go of what’s not a 10,” as Kyle Cease would have said:

Making the decision to – for the foreseeable future – let go of immersive storytelling through the games I play (also known as roleplay).

I won’t get into the details of it all (worth a much longer post, for another day),

but I’ve identified that it – once a form of growth and a fulfilling activity [and how I met some really cool and close people] – has become a blatant distraction and tool for avoidance.

And that quote was part of a message I got back from one of the people I used to roleplay with when I said that I was no longer going to be roleplaying – and being open about why I was making the decision.

Each little leap, no matter how small, seems to be met with more self-empowerment and growth, as well as respect, when approached with authenticity — and not trying to apologize for being a certain way, doing what’s best for you, or otherwise putting yourself down for what you know is best for your own growth.

There may be a time I pick up this hobby again, but I’m worried less about that than following this current leap/intuition in this moment. In creating more room for 10’s.

// This post has been published from a private group.