Starting: the thing I struggle with and the importance of following those nudges to begin something even if we don’t know what the long-term impact will be.

I’ve wanted to create a video like this for a while but continued to put it off for so long.


I literally wrote, “This video is going to suck,” because it’s what helped lower my expectations (of perfection) enough to sit myself down, start writing, and start recording.

I realized (but was not surprised) that despite spending hours writing and planning this video, it only took about 5 minutes of actually STARTING the edit to discover that only a small amount of the prep work was useful.

Starting and “being in the process” is the most important part (nothing new, but new to experience it in this way).

Planning is helpful, but to an extent.

In working on this video, I realized I’ve not given myself credit over the years for starting this-and-that, when most of the content was a handful of things I’ve started in some way or another.

I do think I struggle with being consistent about starting on a daily basis. That one I can keep working on.

While this video is about one my personal faults,
It’s also the solution. #thatsmeta

Because it’s another moment of starting.
(And finishing.)

There’s unforeseen experiences that unfold when pursuing those little nudges to do this-or-that, that transcend the actual outcome of what that thing is (creating a video, learning to dance, etc). 

It’s not the outcome,
It’s who we become,
who we meet,
and the experiences we have.

What are you longing to start, my friends? 


What thing will you try to “simply start,” even if it’s not that great in the beginning?

What big leap forward do you constantly feel pulled towards, but are avoiding?

Would love to know, 
especially if I can be of any help. 


Let’s Start.

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