Find Yourself in Dance

Have you wanted to discover your “personal style” and “look” in dance?

Whether you’re doing West Coast Swing or some other dance style?

… me too.

I’m creating the FIND YOURSELF series (Discover Yourself, Create Yourself, Find Your Movevement, Evolve With Me) …

… as a way to explore movement and self-expression to create a truly unique style.

This series is not intended to exclusively “teach you” how to dance.

I will explore and introduce ways to move your body so that you can build the agency to discover your own style on YOUR OWN.

This series is meant to help you find the empowerment to not only find your own look, but build confidence to explore your personal movement and then EXPRESS it courageously in dance with your partner.

Cost is just $8 per session, or $40 for the whole 6 week (+1 week bonus) series.

I’m passionate about this idea because I will be evolving alongside you.

Everything I am going to be teaching is something I am teaching myself.

This is not ME TEACHING YOU, this is US teaching OURSELVES and sharing what we learn. 

I’ll have some movements and concepts to introduce, but this series is ultimately FOR YOU to DISCOVER YOU.