Being the Ruler in Your Kingdom of Life

Jun 5, 2018

Except from #MeditationMusings #MM06.04.18

I’m not sure where the imagery came from, but during my meditation I envisioned living life as the ‘king of a kingdom,’ as if it were some olden times. But it wasn’t so much the specifics of living ‘as royalty,’ in the sense of owning a castle or literally ruling over a kingdom… But rather the parallels of being a ‘king’ and ruling said ‘kingdom’ to the mindset of how I could view and live life.

Directly from my meditation notes:

“The Kingdom – Your empire, your castle, your royalty, your people, your campaign. (Or perhaps, ‘Your fleet, boat, crew, etc.’ for a naval theme.’)

What’s that big HELL YEAH vision and feeling? Who are the people that will support you (and you will support), etc.?

The Kingdom is a mindset. It’s a form of insularity on who you are and what you want to accomplish. How you want to move. How you want to RULE and CONTROL your own CASTLE/environment, your mind, how you will support your people, etc.”

The Kingdom mindset is essentially learning to take full responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and the people around us.

The Kingdom or Empire is our life, our experiences, our connections, our accomplishments, our pursuits, etc. Everything within our life, all encompassing.

And we are each the King (or Queen) of our kingdom (our life), meaning that we are fully responsible for all of it.

Our Queen (or King) is our ultimate and equal supporter and whom we most contribute to, besides ourselves. She or he is always there at our side, ready to march into battle alongside us. They cheer us on at our best and pull us up at our worst. They enhance who we are. Just as we would do all of that for them in return. Not out of obligation but out of a longing to collaborate towards a greater future – for each other and for the world.

The Royalty in our life is our most precious family, friends and closest allies. They enrich us. We would give everything for them, just as they would for us. They are there to help us when we stumble, there to provide support in a time of need, and always ready to encourage us and keep us accountable when we are striving forward in our campaign(s).

The Castle is our normal environment, our domain of competence that we completely (or mostly) have control over. Our home, our office, and our fields of play. We should strive to make our castle as useful, as beautiful and as inspiring as possible. It should be pristine. It should be well-guarded. It should be inviting and homely for our guests. And it should instill a sense of excellence for ourselves and our fellow Queen/King, royalty, and our guests.

The People of our kingdom is everyone in our life that we have the opportunity to connect with or help, directly or indirectly. We may see them once in passing or many times in our favorite gathering areas.

The Invaders are anyone or anything (real or imagined) that try to stop us from completing our campaign in life, that try to tear down our Castle and infiltrate our minds… Resistance is another name for the invaders in our life. And we should do everything we can to protect our kingdom from those invaders. They may be people, our own thoughts, a faulty environment, a stressful commitment… anything that tries to tear us down.

Our Campaign is our conquest in life… Our pursuit of our greatest self, our ever-evolving visions, our journey to spread our most important message. Our campaign may change over time, but we should always have a campaign, lest the invaders of our kingdom (worst of all, the invaders within our mind) tear down our kingdom and force us to restart at ground zero.

Raise your banner high and lead yourself and the army of your heart towards the campaign that matters most in your life.

Who will we be in this “Kingdom of Life”?

Do we want to be the king? The royalty? The people? Or… the invaders? We’ve been every type of kingdom dweller in our life at some point, and we may be multiple of these at any one point during our journey. But the more consistently we can be the King/Queen of our own kingdom of life… the more fulfilling our experience will be and the more lives we can touch.

Where will your kingdom reside? What does it look like? Is it thriving or famished? Are your people happy or ready to riot?

Chances are you might be envisioning what your “kingdom” or “castle” looks like if you happened to be a king, or royalty, or a simple dweller within the kingdom. What does it look like? Is what you see indicative of what your life is right now or perhaps what it could be if you started listening to your heart and spent your time in a worthwhile manner?

Does your kingdom look like Disneyland and the Cinderella Castle, full of play and fun and adventure? Or is it somewhat grim and dark, full over overcast shadows, grueling work, and bitter experiences? Somewhere in between the extremes?

Do you rule your kingdom with the intent to thrive and live gloriously (in whatever way that you define)? Or do you keep striving to just get by, grabbing at the tiniest of opportunities instead of setting you sights high?

Are you taking care of the people in your kingdom? Do they fear you (and shrug off your messages) or do they seek to support you and your message and want to help the kingdom thrive? Are you giving without expectation or is there always a condition to receive anytime you provide for your people?

Is your kingdom quiet and and humble? Or bolstering and a true show of power in the world?

There is no right or wrong kingdom — only your kingdom. A kingdom represents its ruler, what they believe in, and what they are willing to do for themself, their royalty, and their people.

Be the King of your Kingdom of Life and rule passionately with love — and strive for nothing less than excellence as you lead your Campaign.