The June Ultimatum – Walking the Walk

May 29, 2019

I’m deciding to set an ultimatum for myself — to make me not only adopt the Island Cabin philosophy but to keep me oriented in growth: of establishing an income through freelance/independent means or, failing that — through this ultimatum — to begin the hunt for a part-time job.

This post is both a combination of documenting my process (being an experienceographer) of developing income and discipline as well as being a form of accountability to myself and to the peers around me.

The Ultimatum

If I have no semblance of traction towards developing an income through freelance writing, dance coaching, or any other source by the end of June (6/30/19), then I will begin looking for a part-time or full-time job and set freelance writing / dance / etc. as a secondary emphasis.

How much I need to be making in this period is open-ended, but if it’s literally ZERO then it’s time to change things up. Otherwise “semblance of traction” is a significant amount of effort put towards generating an income (finding clients and projects and/or dance students or via teaching group classes).

I’ll keep a simple log (here, updating periodically) of what steps I took on a given day towards “income generation,” which may include writing samples, writing proposals, following up with Dance31 scheduling, reaching out to venues about hosting group classes, working for the studio, reading blueprints, and more.

That’s the ultimatum. I’ve been talking about giving myself a deadline for a while – but it’s about time I start DOing the things I talk about. Time to get quiet, get alone, and get focused. Aka: The Island Cabin (more to come at a later time).

Now let’s see about getting a head start before June begins.

The Log

  1. Wednesday, May 29 – 1) wrote a sample.
  2. Thursday, May 30 – 1) replied to potential client, 2) taught a group class, 3) open and skimmed through a blueprint.
  3. Friday, May 31 –
  4. Saturday, June 01 –
  5. Sunday, June 02 –
  6. Monday, June 03 –
  7. Tuesday, June 04 –

// Image: Nik Shuliahin