“Coming Home” – Indy Dance X 2022 Recap

Jun 29, 2022

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Going to Indy Dance X felt like β€œcoming home.”

I danced more this weekend than the past 2 years combined and it was as though a dormant part of myself came back to life.

I had a feeling that this event would re-awaken my dance journey or shift the stagnant relationship I’ve had with it. For the first time in a while I feel eager to work on dance, community, and creative endeavors. Even as the future remains painfully uncertain to me.

I went into the event with 3 core intentions:

  • support the event where I can,
  • connect with people, and
  • social dance.

Workshops and competitions were a bonus.

Big thank you to Melissa, LuAnn, and Glen for putting on this event; to all the staff and volunteers for helping make the event possible (few people know how much really goes on behind the scenes); and to all those that came out to dance and support the event this year. πŸ’œ

⭐ Highlights from the weekend:

  • Supporting the event behind the scenes as volunteer/staff and feeling a sense of fulfillment and direction for the weekend β€” a welcome escape from the negative emotions I normally experience.
  • Connecting with Esther during volunteer work and doing Strictly Swing together. We had some really fun dances and I often felt less in my head and more willing to have fun/be playful this weekend. I normally struggle to make friends and I’m grateful that we had a commonality (volunteering) to facilitate conversation & connection.
  • Getting to reconnect and dance with the Fort Wayne Westies that came down. ❀
  • Competitions: Placing 3rd in Strictly Swing with Esther. Finaled in Jack & Jills and drew Autumn as my partner (we drew each-other in finals last time, too!).
  • Epic steal dances. 😍
  • Practicing with my camera and talking with David Fennig about photography and videography. I always feel inspired being around other people doing things I’m interested in. There’s something about physically being around those in the midst of their art β€” as opposed to reading about them or seeing their content online.
  • Practicing poi spinning in the alley despite the initial awkwardness I felt knowing others were around. Grateful that JP got video of it!

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Videos & event take-aways coming in upcoming posts. ❀

[Full photo album HERE]

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