Heartbound (formerly ‘The Grove Project’) is a small, tight-knit community of people who are striving to live authentically from their heart – while supporting and challenging their peers to do the same. Heartbound is ever-evolving, starting with an online Facebook group that invites you to share more about who you really are, what’s going on in your life, and where you’re trying to go.

Heartbound is designed and intended to be a space for you to “explore yourself” in an environment and among people who will welcome you as you are, see you for who you really are (and not your limitations you impose upon yourself), and will challenge you to stay the course towards whatever you pursue.

There are currently about 8 people interested – and I don’t expect to invite too many more people after that; it’s not mean to be a large group.

This is both a canvas of self-actualization and expression for myself – as well as it is for you. This group can be whatever you need it to be, but it starts with you embracing all that you are – and having the courage to share it with people who are open-minded and want to see the best from you.

Many of you have already seen the initial Grove concept, but you can read more about it here (although Heartbound is ever-evolving, most of the ethos is the same).

Below are some of the introductory posts you’ll see in the group:

Heartbound is a closed space and community for you – just as much as it is for me. This community or group will be ever-evolving, and has been born out of a desire to have a space for me to be who I am, to share what’s in my heart, and to invite – and be around – other individuals who are operating from the basis of their heart and soul.

It might seem ‘cheesy’ or ‘airy-fairy,’ especially to those who haven’t undergone certain aspects of personal development or use different language to describe their experience and beliefs.

And that’s okay. That’s part of the point of this project: to create a space and a community for YOU to share what is true for YOU in a place, and to a group of people, who will not only accept and acknowledge you – but also challenge you with other perspectives, accountability, and a healthy disregard for limiting thoughts: so that you may grow and remain on the path you set forth for yourself.

This is a canvas for you and for me. Only you can dictate what is true in your heart. Not everyone sees what you see – and we need you to showcase to us what your heart sees. Even if it’s just a glimpse.

We do not all need to believe the same things, because I believe that as long as we are all operating from our own truth, we will all ultimately be moving towards a similar goal: for self-actualization and the betterment of our world – in whatever ways you and I define it.

Heartbound can be your “inner circle” to share more of who you are: the highs and the lows of what you are experiencing. It can be what you want it to be. A place to be you. A home to document your personal development. A place to get feedback on your pursuits. An opportunity for accountability from your peers. A group to be vulnerable with – knowing you will be welcomed with open arms.

Heartbound is, like most things in life, what you make of it.


These are not strict or rigid, but I hope that they set the tone for what everyone may expect in the group/community. You will quickly learn that many of these guidelines are for myself, just as much as they are for the group at large – and in what I’m looking for in the people around me.


You are welcome as you are. We may push ourselves and challenge one-another to grow, but you are welcome with ALL that you are – even with what you expect may not be welcome.


Express what is in your heart. Help us see what you see. Use this group (the FB group, in-person interactions, online calls, etc.) in whatever way helps you through your experience. There is tremendous value in (to yourself, and to others) getting your stuff out – harboring it within is often more detrimental than just getting that shit out. Even if nobody can help, even if nobody comments – the sheer act of expressing it can do wonders in releasing whatever feels like it is binding you down. Additionally, share what you are excited about – staying with that excitement can compound the momentum you have in your life.


Engage, share, and ask without expectation. Offer perspective and support when it’s in your heart to do so. Likewise, be willing to ask for what you need help with or want perspective on – but do so without putting pressure on others to reply if they are not in a space to do so. We all have our days where we may not be at our best (even though everyone is still welcome on their not-so-best-days).


Share the vision that you have – whether for the day, or for the greater part of your life. Where are you going? What do you see? What do you desire? What do you believe? Paint the picture for the rest of us: we can’t see what you see.


Execution and accountability. What’s your next step? The vision is important to know which way to go, but you have to start taking steps and making leaps in order to bring it to reality. If you want accountability, simply ask and we will do what we can to help.


Be open to growth and take responsibility. We’re constantly provided with moments and experiences for which we can grow and expand our knowledge, comfort, and competence. It’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our life and experiences – and not become a bystander in our life by waiting for someone else to tell us what to do.


You define your own experience. Only you know what’s best for you. We are all at different stages and are pursuing different things – we each bring a unique perspective, but it’s still ultimately up to you to use or not use any information or “advice” as you make decisions and progress in your life. Keep an open mind, but stay true to your heart.


Don’t lurk and don’t feel pressured to stay. I’d prefer people who are engaged and benefiting from this group. This group should operate from love and expression, not a fear to “stick around because Austin invited me.” If someone’s clearly not engaged or not using the group in any way, then we may let them go — likewise, if this group is not something you benefit from, it’s 100% okay not to stay. (: No hard feelings whatsoever. Heartbound is about being in your heart and truth. This group will be great for some, but not for others.

How to Use the Group
There is no right or wrong way to use this group. You are encouraged to utilize this group in any way that makes sense for you and I will do my best to be as engaged as possible with everyone here – and to do, myself, what I hope to see others do (if it seems right for them).

A few examples:
start with your introduction post
dare to get vulnerable and open about something in your life
share what you are working on this day/week
talk about a big goal you have
ask for help about a struggle
share a video/article about something that inspires you
organize a meetup or call (in person or online)
tell us how you would benefit from this group

My initial commitment:
– to post every. single. day. It may be a quick “this is what I’m working on today” post for personal accountability, or a video talking about something that came up throughout the day, a post on some struggle/personal thing, etc. The goal is consistency and authenticity over anything grandiose.
– to comment on every post that I can (long videos I may not be able to get to in a timely fashion, depending on available time).
– to be as open and authentic as possible here – more than anywhere else. Yes, the goal is to be authentic everywhere, but I often find benefit by having a space like this to “be myself” and to “explore/create who I am” before branching into the world. That means that those of you who do find benefit from this kind of group/space – and those that are already somewhat close – will get to see a less filtered (from fear/anxiety) version of myself that is truer to who I am.

Content to Inspire
These are some of my favorite pieces of content that has inspired a lot in my life and philosophy. Please don’t feel obligated to watch any, there’s a lot here. If you feel inclined, simply pick out one or two that intrigue you.

Evolution of Heartbound
I admit that I had this grand vision for the community – but as I began to map it out, I was less and less inclined to actually make the group and invite people to it. It started to become “too big” in concept that there was more and more Resistance being applied to the first steps in bringing it to life.

So while some of that ‘grand’ vision remains, I’m focusing first on the steps that I can and actually WILL take:

Making a Facebook group and inviting the people who expressed interest.

Then moving onto actually getting to know people and engaging with one-another here.

And then we’ll worry about what comes next after that. But first I have to start.

// One day…

(1) I did envision that we would meet up in person regularly just to hang out, talk about life, get to know one another, or participate in activities and discussions that would grow us as individuals. — That is still the intent, but the interest was somewhat divided between local and long-distance individuals. This is still a short-term possibility, but of course that would mean not being able to get everyone involved all the time, which is okay too.

(2) Online calls via FB Messenger/Call or Zoom (or similar platform) for video conference calls — basically the in-person meetups but online in the form of an hourish discussion, mastermind format, hotseat, etc.

(3) Once/Twice a year, renting out a space to disconnect from the normal environment/habits and spend that time re-connecting to your own heart, heart centered people, and having time/space/resources to devote to yourself or your project. (i.e., Connection Cove)

(4) Viewing Party: The Limitation Game – the series that began all this heart-centered stuff.

"The" Original Vision (June 2018)
Leap 2 – “The Butterfly Grove”

Seeking a close community of like minded people to connect w/, inspire, help, get support from, etc. People that align in general w/ mindset/concepts/approach that Kyle Cease does – Will share content from EOL. Organize local meetups. – Online group/FB etc. – Generally looking for people who are trying to optimize/improve their lives, have ambitious plans in their own life/things to build, etc. – People that will support & respect others. – Like a mastermind but heart-based.

Bonus: finding a space to meet regularly & chill like the Public at the Roosevelt in Hollywood.

+Sort Myself Out (Jordan Peterson)
+Kyle Cease/EOL

Steps to Take:
– Create a Facebook group.
– Ask online/FB.
– What do I need? What can I offer? Structure?

If this group/experience sounds like it will be of benefit to you, send your answers to the following questions directly to me (https://m.me/austinmpranger) – and hold onto them so that you can use them for an introductory post if you feel inclined.

(1) What does it mean to you to be “living fully” in your life?

(2) How could a community/space like Heartbound help you in your life? (What can I or the group do to help you succeed in your life in this moment?)

(3) What is at least 1 thing you are working towards in your life right now? (It can be something as simple as within this week, or as grand as a life-goal.)

To lead by example (: My responses would be:

(1) Living fully means taking the time to connect to who I really am, without the outside distractions, addictions, and outside perceptions. And to use it to spend the majority of my day(s) participating in activities that are improving my life, moving me towards what I’m called to do, or otherwise being in a heart-centered/connected place. To not be spending my time avoiding myself, my life, and the people I may be able to help.

(2) A community like Heartbound can help me by offering accountability and calling me out on the bullshit I’m saying or doing that holds me back.

(3) One thing I’m currently working towards in my life is establishing my foundation of independence: trying to make enough money to live on my own and get my own space (which I can then manipulate to be the environment that is most conducive for my personal growth and the progression of all my projects/ambitions).