The Grove Project
Support for you to explore who you really are, pursue your ambitions, express your truth, develop connections with open-hearted individuals, and get accountability as you live fully on your terms.
The Why // I believe...

I believe in adapting my environment to be conducive with the lifestyle I desire, the impact I want to make, the traits I want to embody, the connections I want to make, and the experiences I want to have. My environment is the physical space around me, the thoughts/beliefs in my mind, and the people I regularly connect with, support, or get support from. 

I believe that your environment (particularly the people you spend time with) will greatly impact what you believe is possible for yourself and how willing you are to take responsibility for creating the life you want.

I believe that it is our responsibility to filter and curate the environment of our life — and this project aims to help curate an elevated, growth-oriented “inner circle” for ourselves.

I believe that each one of us has some capacity to grow beyond our limits and pursue anything we genuinely desire, regardless of how “bold” it may seem – to ourselves or others. As long as we allow ourselves to step fully into that pursuit.

I believe that if we surround ourselves with people who are actively working on their own life, then we are more likely to “level up” ourselves.

These people around us may challenge us directly (by keeping us accountable, asking us empowering questions, and providing support) or indirectly (by being truly authentic with who they are, living fully on their terms, and taking steps forward in their life).

We become open to the possibilities when we see others move beyond their perceived limitations and moving forward in their life.

I believe that when we are around people who accept us for who we are, support us in our growth, and challenge us to stay in our truth, we can consistently maintain a positive internal mindset/environment that is conducive for living fully on our own terms, doing work that is meaningful, and becoming the person we want to be (and already are).

I believe that this community is not here to fix you, to give you solutions, or to inspire and motivate you. I believe this community is here to help you discover and inspire yourself by creating space for you to explore your own thoughts, your own heart, and express your truth in an environment that will accept and respect you – and help to keep you on the path you have chosen for yourself.

Only you can do the work you need to do. It’s up to you to show up, share what’s on your mind, express what’s in your heart — and to take that step forward that only you can take.

But imagine what it would be like to have a handful of people right at your side to help you stay the course, help you stay in your heart, cheer you on from the side, provide resources and connections when they can, and who will ultimately accept you for who you are and where you want to go with your life.

I believe that in order to cultivate a community like this, we need:

  • To be individually committed to our own growth.
  • To be collectively committed to accepting & respecting others and their truth they bring to the world and to provide encouragement, support, or accountability when able. 

I believe that by becoming leaders of our own life, we give permission to others to actively take responsibility for their life and embrace who they really are. I believe it is crucial that we inspire ourselves and become the #1 advocate of ourselves and our own life, even if we need help doing so in the beginning.

I want to be a part of a community of people who live fully and are the leaders of their own life, inspiring others through their actions and not their words alone. This is what I aspire towards, even if I am “not there, yet.” The goal is not to be there right this instant, but to accept where I am now and to be moving in a positive direction in my life (alongside others doing the same).

In short: I believe that you and I can change the world (in small or big ways) by having an inner circle that is authentic, committed to personal growth, takes action based on what is true in their heart, and encourages & challenges their peers to live fully.

The Vision // About

To create a small, tight-knit community of people who are open-hearted and growth-minded where each individual is committed to their personal growth while they support others to live their life as fully as possible.

The goal is to create spaces, activities, and resources that allow the collective of individuals to “discover” their truth, exercise expressing what is on their heart, embark on the path they want to go, and to find accountability to stay on that path.

This group is inspired by heart-based communities like Evolving Out Loud, where everyone sees and welcomes everyone and encourages you to share and do what is in your heart.

The intent, then, is to elevate my/our “Average 5.” Even if you don’t consider members of this group as the “five people you spend the most time with,” being in and participating with members in this group should elevate that average – when you’re involved with people who are growth oriented, who want the best for you and themselves, are positive thinking, are open-minded, respectful — and so on.

I draw inspiration of mindset from people like: Kyle Cease & Evolving Out Loud, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jordan B Peterson (and so on — bring your own inspirations and your own mindsets to the table!).

The Grove Project might be a good fit for you if you…

This project is largely a personal pursuit. I have longed to be a part of or create a group of people I can call “my tribe.” Of course, “my tribe” can be “your tribe” and “our tribe,” if it suits you. With respect to everyone, I want to be hyper-selective with who my “inner circle” is, ensuring that my attention and energy is drawn from people who live fully, want to do big things with their life, impact others in a positive way, are authentic, and so on.

I want to be able to support and help everyone I can, but I want “who I spend the most time with” and who I give the most attention/energy to, to be people who are going to elevate me (and who I can help elevate in return).

I don’t seek “perfect people,” but I seek people that want to grow. By aspiring to become and step into the greatest version of who I am, only then will I be able to create the life I want to live, make connections with people that are truly making a difference in their (and others’) life, and experience what life truly has to offer.

This project could last years, or it could last weeks. To me it’s important to listen to what feels right, in this moment, and to keep moving forward and connect with growth-oriented souls. I may have ideas for the future based on my intent of growth, but I am not attached to the outcome.

The Tangibles / Actionables
The vision for the group is ultimately to create a “local” group of people (but not excluding long-distance people who would be available online only) who can meet semi-regularly to connect, discuss what we’re going through, create space for each person’s heart to be expressed, offer gentle accountability/encouragement, and make progress on what’s most important in our life.

At the moment, the community could be broken down into the following core elements:

  • Online Connection – everyone in one place, online, primarily via Facebook Group & Messenger and Zoom. Utilizing online community resources to stay provide regular updates, ask for help, express what’s on our minds, etc. Possibly once-per-week meetup calls (similar to what might be seen in a mastermind), where each person updates the group on where they are at in life, what they’re doing this week, what happened last week, etc. • The online community will be integral for staying connected due to challenges of long-distance and scheduling. Consistency is key, which is where an online group/chat comes in handy.
  • Offline Connection – for local people that want face-to-face interaction, potentially via homes, the Anchor Room, quiet local venues. Think bi-weekly or monthly meetups to catch up and share what’s going on.
  • Mini-Getaways – Perhaps 1-4 times a year, gathering in an environment that isn’t our individual “norm” for 1 or more days to be fully immersed in whatever is most important for us. (i.e., my Connection Cove project)
  • Discovery & Expression of You – using posts (FB Group) and live interaction (FB Calls or Zoom) to express what’s on your heart in an environment where it will be welcome and received with respect.
  • Accountability On Your Path – sharing where you are going and establishing concrete steps with the intent to be kept accountable (if desired).
  • Weekly Updates – sharing a video or written post about what we are working towards in our life or specifically for that week. (e.g., “This week I’m working on getting up early every day,” or “My focus lately is to stay committed to the tasks I need to get done/are meaningful.”) This helps everyone keep you accountable (and is more likely to make you actually do what you said you want to do. :) )
General Guidelines & Aspects
  • You are welcome as you are.
  • You are solely responsible for your own growth, even if we can help you.
  • All content is considered private. Please do not share unless you have explicit permission from those involved. You should feel safe to post/share here. (:
  • You have permission to do what you feel is right within this group. Share, comment, organize, create. Whatever it is your heart says.
  • This group is intended to remain small and new members after creation will be vouched by majority vote. (guestimate of like 10 people via combination of local and non-local people?)
  • Kyle Cease & EOL content will serve as the primary/initial “guide” for content.
Questions for You
  • Why does the Grove Project interest you and why do you want be a part of this project/group? And how can this group/project assist you?
  • What does it mean to you to live fully?
  • What is at least one thing you are working towards in your life/for yourself?
Initial Resources
No cost to participate – at most I may ask for a contribution if we are collectively investing in a space like Airbnb. (:

Your “cost” is your commitment to yourself. <3

Locations (In-Person)
Possible locations at the moment for recurring local vents:


  • Anchor Room
  • A member’s place
  • Quiet local venue
  • Rentable meeting room if people are willing to chip in
Micro-Retreat // Limitation Game (EOL) Viewing Party (AKA Connection Cove #2)
One of the initial steps of the Grove Project is to host a “viewing party” for the Limitation Game. Logistically this may be challenging as it’s essentially a 2 day video series and not everyone will be available to take that much time off to watch. We’ll see.

Tentatively August / September