Glimmering Butterfly Project

Embrace the Flight

This is my personal quest to “embrace the flight” of a butterfly by taking action on what I learned through the Limitation Game, a video series created by Kyle Cease and the Evolving Out Loud Team.

For 30 days I will move from the heart and consistently practice Limitation Game exercises.

Stressing over my progress has not been working, so it’s time to try something new:

“Hello Heart. What’s next?”

And I love that.


The Butterfly Contract

For the next 30 days,

I will “embrace the flight” by staying in the heart as much as possible. Which means that every day:

  • I will meditate (i.e., listen to the heart) for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • I will Kylego 1 day to set intention.
  • I will post at least one piece of content. The amount or type of content is irrelevant.


At the start …

  • I will post my Left Page ideas from the Limitation Game (at least the Top 1-3).
  • I will do and post a 30 day Kylego of the Glimmering Butterfly Project.

At the end …

  • I will post a review of the Glimmering Butterfly Project, including my thoughts on the last 30 days, progress on Left Page ideas.
  • I will post my intentions moving forward, such as any new directions for the Glimmering Butterfly Project and new Left Page ideas.
  • I will post a new Kylego.


If I complete this project …

I will allow myself to buy a ticket to Burning Man 2018/2019.

If I do not complete this project …

I will keep $1,111 in cash in an envelope and give it to the first person who asks about the Glimmering Butterfly Project on or after Saturday, January 20th, 2018.


I will track my progress …

Using Google Sheets to track my daily progress, updated daily.



  • This contract starts on Thursday, December 21st, 2017 and the final 30th day ends on Friday, January 19th, 2018.
  • Some “posts” may be kept private; the only thing that matters is that they were done for myself first.
  • I will allow myself a maximum of 3 “strikes” should something outside of my circumstances prevent me from completing 1 of the tasks in a given day.
  • For Austin:

Daily Progress

Day 01 | Discipline Before Taking Action?

Day 02 | Chill AF + Swing Updraft

Day 03 | Pursuit of the Ideal

Day 04 |Didn’t go to sleep, added a day.

Day 05 | Look at the Excitement

Day 06To Find Silence, Invite It In

Day 07 | Outside vs. Inside Thoughts

Day 08 | 2018 Kylego (edit coming soon)

Day 09 | Bright as Night

Day 10 | Daily Kylego Effects (10 Days In)

Day 11 | Vulnerability (in progress)

Day 12 | Top 100 Questions of 2018

Day 13 | Drought/Medi (in progress)

Day 14Slept all day, added an extra day.

Day 15 | Never Hesitate to Reset

Day 16 | After the Storm + Keep Cleaning

Day 17Journaled.

Day 18 | What a Teese!

Day 19 | Journaled.

Day 20 | Group LG/Kylego

Day 21 | Restructured 2018 goals/Lefts.

Day 22 | Becoming Dragon Slayers

Day 23 | Creation Creates Creations

Day 24 | Journaled.

Day 25 | Share Your Secrets

Day 26 | Recovery day.

Day 27 | Shorten the Gap

Day 28(Strike 2)

Day 29 | Journaled.

Day 30 | Disempowering Facts

Day 31 |

Day 32 |

Left Page Ideas (Start)

Just a handful of Left Page ideas from during the Limitation Game. I’ve done the Left Page exercise a handful of other times and plan on doing it again as I progress further into this project. I’d also like to create an easily accessible list of ideas from my Left Page so that I can consistently stay connected to those ideas that my heart is calling me to.

  • I want to be a Champion level West Coast Swing dancer.
    • Yeah, but … I wasn’t born a dancer. I don’t have tons of money to pour into training. I’m not disciplined in my practice. There aren’t a lot of people around that are as super-interested in going “all the way” with West Coast Swing.
  • I want to go to Burning Man in 2018 or 2019, whether I go alone, with a group, or find a theme camp.
    • Yeah, but … It’s expensive. I don’t know what I need to do to prepare. I’ve never done anything that big (and dangerous). I haven’t taken care of myself like that before. I might have to justify/explain why I want to do it. I’m afraid of being judged.
  • I want to be a creative.
    • Yeah, but … I don’t have the skills. I don’t know what I want to be creative about. I don’t have a lot of money to throw at creative endeavors.
  • I want to feel free, independent, confident with myself, and be able to express who I am, the things I want to do, what I believe in, etc.
    • Yeah, but … I haven’t done that before, consistently. I’m afraid of what people iwll think. I’m not sure who I am and who I want to be? My voice gets all shaky and incoherent at times.
  • I want to be full of light, happiness, fun, and be playful. I want to be a bundle of joy, love, and excitement.
    • Yeah, but … “That would be weird.” I’m afraid of what people would say or I’m afraid of being judged. People know me as “quiet, reserved, or shy.” I’m so sedentary in my life. I’m too afraid to be expressive. I have a very dark past and mindset at times.
  • I want to be around more people who are tapping into their hearts and living out their life. (:
    • Yeah, but … I don’t know who they are. I don’t know if they would be interested. I’m afraid I would have to move somewhere to find those people or never be able to find/connect with them.
  • I want to create Connection Cove.
    • Yeah, but … It’s an expensive, long-term endeavor. I don’t have the resources available to create it. I don’t know how to incorporate it on a small scale. It requires other people and I don’t know if those people would be interested.
1 Year From My Biggest Leap

1 Year From My Biggest Leap

One year ago, I took a leap. I can’t go back to that experience, but I can embrace the same audacity to step away, re-connect, and get started.

Clinging to Disempowering Facts

Clinging to Disempowering Facts

There are some things about us that are technically true, but aren’t worth saying. They are the things that give us reason to hold ourselves back and perpetuate a sense of falsehood to our soul. Is it worth repeating what is “fact” at the expense of what is true?

Shorten the Gap

Shorten the Gap

Whether it’s something big or something silly, each time I do something and #EmbraceTheWeird in any way, the gap between “I have this idea” and “f*ck it” gets shorter and the severity of doing that thing gets less intense.

Creation Creates Creations

Creation Creates Creations

It was as if the “simple” act of doing something, creating something, opened up a gateway for everything else to follow.

What a Teese – Lessons from the Queen of Burlesque

What a Teese – Lessons from the Queen of Burlesque

There’s value to be had everywhere, if we’re willing to look past some of our differences. Dita von Teese holds herself with an unmistakable poise and presence. She’s not afraid to be elegant, powerful, nor is she afraid to forge her own path by being different.

Top 10 Questions of 2018

Top 10 Questions of 2018

The exercise, 100 Questions by Leonardo Davinci is designed to get you to think about the questions that are most important to you in your life (at this moment). I’ve found that my direction for the year is almost paralleled by the questions and themes from doing this exercise.

Keep Cleaning

Keep Cleaning

And now my heart likes things to be clean, so I will do everything I can to keep cleaning, because it’s an ongoing thing and I’m learning to accept that it’ll be something I do forever.

Never Hesitate to Reset

Never Hesitate to Reset

Whether or not I behaved that way isn’t even relevant anymore. All I want to focus on is today. What can I do today? What does the heart say today? Where am I going to go from today?

Daily Kylego Effects – 10 Days In

Daily Kylego Effects – 10 Days In

Doing this Kylego exercise every day has been incredibly beneficial. A part of me actually tries to convince myself NOT to do it, because doing it raises my awareness of what I’m actually capable of. And if I don’t do it, then I don’t have to face the music.

Bright As Night

Bright As Night

I’m most effective in the dark, when the world is asleep. These hours seem to be my golden hours, when I’m most productive, most focused, and less likely to be distracted. Most in tune with myself.

Outside vs. Inside Thoughts

Outside vs. Inside Thoughts

Why not just be in this moment? Why not think for myself, by myself, without even factoring in “others”?

To Find Silence, Invite It In

To Find Silence, Invite It In

My default should be all-devices-offline. My phone, computer, laptop, music, fan … all of it. None of it should be operating unless I have a specific thing I need to accomplish.

Look at the Excitement

Look at the Excitement

Just like that, a hundred things start popping up that I COULD do, that would be MORE productive or effective. It was hard to stay in my meditation much longer, because this new sensation and all these ideas pulled me to get up and do something.

Chill AF: My New Approach for Progress

Chill AF: My New Approach for Progress

Naive and chill for 30 days seems to be working out a lot better than worrying about all this other shit I “should” be doing and giving myself a fucking hard time about it. I’m already more focused, happier, more relaxed, and more productive than I have been in months.

Embrace the Flight: Glimmering Butterfly Project

Embrace the Flight: Glimmering Butterfly Project

Through a combination of frustration, discovering a “gap” between who I am and who I could be, and the catalytic combination of a handful of sources, I’ve felt inspired to create the Glimmering Butterfly Project: a personal 30 day quest and challenge for me to step into the guidance of my heart.