When You’re Feeling Behind: Find Your Own Star

Feb 8, 2021

Are you feeling behind? Off track?

Should be further down the road than you are?

It’s a feeling that comes up for me often.

That I should be further along in my business, creative pursuits, in my dance, in the way I connect with others.

There are voices that tell us we should be somewhere other than where we are.

That we should be “further down the road with the rest of them.”

That we should have turned down this road, taken that turn, or adventured down that other trail.

These voices and “shoulds” come from the people around us, the people we follow online, the books and articles we read…

More often than not, they probably come from within.

A conversation we have with ourselves that manifests as guilt, a sense of being lost, not having motivation, feeling wrong for being here or there, etc.

This photo from an adventure during #TheWildEmergence resembles to me that feeling of being “behind”…

And being precisely where I should be.

To be following one’s own star.

There were four of us walking down this street while the rest of the event participants and staff were a quarter-mile ahead of us.

We were often the last, the “slowest” – a different pace from the rest for most of the adventure.

These three and myself – all carrying cameras and gear.

We were stopping more often to take photos or video.

Talking about photography, sharing experiences, and being in the presence of others with a similar interest.

When you’re “falling behind,” is it possible that you are precisely where you need to be?

Focusing on the areas of your life that are important to YOU?
(not “them”)

In the midst of the people you should be connecting with (supporting, getting supported by, collaborating with)?

Literally seeing the world through a different lens than the others on the road?

Challenged by others who don’t see what you are seeing – because they have a different motive or goal?

Of course you’ll “feel behind.”

You have different needs and wants.

Where you “should be” is going to be different than someone else with different goals and interests.

Don’t let others (or yourself) convince you that you should be anywhere other than where YOU want to be.

Find your own star – and stay the course. 💖

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📸 at #TheWildEmergence , #Sedona , #Arizona – January 2021