workshop season
APRIL 15 – JULY 14

it is through experience that we find the most wisdom and fulfillment.


a community of “experience•ographers” (experience crafters) who are dedicated to growing in their life through experiences, experiments, and community via the cultivation of one or many core experiences that mean most to them.

my hope is that every conversation we have brings about an internal choice to act – no matter how small, to bring about a more fulfilling experience for ourselves.

Experience•ography provides the frameworks and connecting experiences that support us as we make empowering decisions and consistent momentum in pursuit of what’s truly meaningful to us.



regularly scheduled calls

Engage in reflective and momentum-creating Mastermind Calls, cowork sessions, Ideation Sessions, and much more.

Examples of calls are in SCHEDULED MEETS section below.

dedicated community platform

take connection outside of the social media realm via live Zoom calls and always-available text/video/voice channels via private Discord.


meet with real people going through real challenges. Realize that you are not alone in your pursuits, get support through your goals and challenges, and play a part in the growth of others in the Experience•ography community.


mastermind & hotseats

join weekly mastermind calls to share progress and get support on the current experience you are graphing and crafting.

At least 12 dedicated Mastermind calls if you join by April 14th.

daily coworks

connect with fellow experience•ographers in silent, collaborative, and aggressive coworks.

Daily 24/7 CoWork rooms (silent sessions facilitated M-F).

daily check ins

start the day off right with a simple check-in with peers. Get accountability throughout the day. Move through the day with a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Daily M-F.

aggressive & collaborative coworks

these cowork sessions are structured with regular “check ins” about progress, helping each person to stay on track, and an opportunity to share quick wins & learnings with others or get quick suggestions.

celebration & wins

wrap up the week by sharing your biggest wins, honoring your process, sharing accountably about your hiccups, and hear the learnings others have had this week. Celebrate and shake off any regrets from the week – while building a plan for the next.


Specialty calls used on demand based on the needs of the community. More or less of these calls will be used each season, depending on the needs of the community.


collectively come up with new ideas for each person to help them see new perspectives and opportunities in their quest, content creation, and more.

learning nights

collectively watch learning videos, read books, journal, and more — to continue learning, stay true to yourself, and more.

decluttering & inboxing

work through those absurdly-large inboxes and pesky little admin tasks in a special inbox-focused collaborative cowork session.

roundtable podcast

collectively talk about your experiences and progress on your core quest in the past week, discuss topics and themes, and share learnings within and beyond the Experience•ography communty.

empowering critique

provide encouraging, empowering feedback to someone about their recent creation, an obstacle in their quest, or some other way to enhance their core quest.

… and more

call types can fluctuate based on the needs of the community, including calls that are more casual, social, and light-hearted to more specifically oriented towards a specific obstacle.

Additional Features

core quest

you decide on your quest for these 3 months together. We’ll help hold you accountable and call you up to your vision.

Use your Core Quest to help stay on track and work towards a desired outcome that is meaningful to you.


challenges & experiences

inspired by needs of the community, challenges help us focus our attention, create more creative outcomes, become more committed to the vision, surprise ourselves with progress, and more.

Community Challenges

Members can opt in to these optional and additional challenges and experiences that facilitate self-awareness, better focus, growth, discipline, creativity, courage, and more.

Challenges and experiences listed here are examples — more or less may be facilitated during this Season based on the members’ needs. 💜


powerful limitations

intentionally imposed limitations help us come up with creative solutions, a sense of “challenge to overcome”, and can narrow our focus on what’s truly important.

digital detox

temporarily purge out unnecessary apps, websites, and entertainment in pursuit of cultivating better focus, self-awareness of what is TRULY important. Come out of the experience with a better idea of how you want to spend your time and want to work on.

soul wander

let your heart and soul guide you on your core quest in a dedicated day-or-week of “wandering” driven by intuition. Collectively we’ll share our learnings and discoveries.

callings & weights

identify the most exciting and meaningful callings to you right now — and the weighty things keeping you tethered down. Make progress on what CALLS you and disengage from that which WEIGHS you down.

trial & error

proactively test assumptions, try out new ideas, and more — a week of experimentation will help you realize you’re more capable than you realize, finally scratch that “what if” itch, and come up with new ideas and discoveries.

… and more

the challenges and experiences we do will be personalized to common themes or obstacles of the members during that season/month.

charting the course

3 months of growth in community

be among supportive peers who will encourage and challenge you amidst your own experience. Whether you’re graphing your experiences to share at a later time (with friends, for online content, etc), or you are simply crafting experiences for growth… utilize connection and tools inside of the experience•ography membership to help you stay consistent and get support.


Subject to change throughout the experience based on attendance.

DAILY: Check In (call or text), Silent CoWork Rooms

MON: Kick Off, CoWork

TUES: Mastermind

WED: Strategy, CoWork

THUR: Flex Space (Leaning Night, additional hot seat, social meet, Creator Wing)

FRI: CoWork, Celebration Call

SAT, SUN: No calls; review prompts for the week; cowork/connection channels on Discord.

your ‘core quest’

What experience do you want to cultivate in your life?

Choose an experience or quest that is unique to you at the current spot in your life journey.

Some of us will focus on creative endeavors. Others may choose health or lifestyle experiences. Others yet may prefer more curiosity and experimentation based experiences.

Ideally, we focus on a core area of life in a rather specific manner – through a tangible ‘quest’ – and test and progress on it for a period of time (3 months). This can be a quest to improve an area, or a quest to try something new, or a quest to complete some kind of challenge for yourself.

Example Experiences & Quests

You are not restricted to these types of experiences — ask yourself what experience YOU want to cultivate in your life. You can use your time in Experience•ography to create progress towards a bigger life goal, dabble in different interests to get a taste for something new, or cultivate better habits that serve you in multiple areas of life. There’s no limit here.

Below are a few examples of quests:


  • develop a consistent workout routine
  • run a marathon
  • complete a keto diet
  • have a healthy sleep schedule


  • start a youtube channel
  • post 24 podcast episodes
  • try a new creative hobby


  • learn any new skill and practice it for 3 months
  • learn 12 new skills across 12 weeks
  • start learning a new language

mental & spiritual

  • develop a mindfulness practice
  • every day complete a spiritual practice
  • improve my relationship with myself


  • eliminate 500 things from my possession
  • minimize and meaningfully decorate my bedroom, office, and kitchen


  • go to 12 meetup style events
  • schedule 30 connection calls with friends to deepen relationships

join this season

join for 3 months

Requires a 3 month commitment

April 15 – July 15

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“I’m late and missed the deadline!” — You can sign up for the waitlist and/or register now to get in at the next opening (first of the month or during next season opening). Late birds will be presented with onboarding material ahead of the month they may participate.


For all questions, please contact me via Facebook Messenger.