“I Don’t Know How” Is Not a Valid Excuse For Me Anymore

May 15, 2018

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, although still have my uncertainties and fears, is to create some kind of prominent online daily content. This could be a combination of video and written posts across different platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Medium, etc.

I’ve procrastinated even trying simply because I “don’t know how,” or I can’t yet articulate exactly what I want my “thing” to be. There are obvious themes in my life that what I create and share could revolve around and incorporate, but I’ve yet to encapsulate what I do, what I want to be known for, how I want to contribute into something bite sized.

But maybe I just need to start talking and start sharing before it articulates itself on its own. Maybe the clarity won’t come until I start doing. So that’s what I would like to do.

Create and share until what it is I truly want to do surfaces – and then keep going, honing in on that core message.

There are a handful of reasons why “daily content” seems to be coming back to me as something I “want to do, but don’t know how to do it.”

1.) Having a “daily commitment” (even if it’s not specifically a daily thing) has, in the past, helped to create more conviction for living fully and more intentionally. Become a “doer” instead of just a “dreamer.”
2.) I’ve been itching to learn how to do video and editing – both for various communities I’m in (i.e., promotional) as well as simply for sharing my experiences/projects (i.e., storytelling).
3.) The potential to build an interactive community (online or local) around the things that matter to me + being able to give back to others from my experience/skillsets.
4.) Documenting my ‘journey,’ which can also become a ‘bucket’ for other Left Page ideas that come up. Largely for myself, but a bonus if it can connect me with like-minds (#3).
5.) I’ll get to practice “being myself” for the world to see + getting more used to using my voice.

My biggest fears/uncertainties/don’t-know-how’s:

1.) Feeling like the content I make, or my personality wouldn’t be interesting to watch. (Right now I recognize that the #1 thing for me is to do this commitment for myself first and foremost, even if nobody watches at all.)
2.) Not knowing ‘how’ to “go about it” (e.g., on Youtube? Blog?) and how to market and get the word out? How can I do it in a way that doesn’t seem spammy to my current platforms (like Facebook)? How can I reach new audiences I don’t have access to & where are the people I want to connect with ‘hanging out’?
3.) What’s the core message, the core ‘thing’, that I want to be as the ruling ‘thread’ through my content? (Or maybe just wing it, get the first videos out there, and adjust as I go without worrying about whether or not my first videos are consistent around a core thing.)

This whole thing stems from wanting to live life more intentionally– I want to “live fully” and it seems that I often work best when I’m working through some project or direction. The goal for me is not to “create a popular online persona” but rather to discover my voice, build my courage, and develop a conviction for life through inspired action.

First video:


I don’t know how is no longer a valid excuse. Of course I don’t know how: I’ve not done it before. But I CAN do something right now that puts me closer to making that thing a reality. Sometimes the only way to learn to do something is to simply do it.

I’ll move so much faster in life simply by MOVING. Spending years trying to plan, and not actually moving with those plans, gets me nowhere. Better to get a general heading in life, start moving, and then course-correct as I go. I’ll learn more in days (through real experience and self-trust) than I have been learning via “thinking and planning” without experiential feedback.

Right now there’s no set guidelines: just daily content. Maybe it’s a video I post online (the rough aim is video as a primary focus, however), maybe it’s a blog post, or maybe it’s just journaling privately. I want to create and live fully & intentionally every day.

Let’s see what happens.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash