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A List of Life Modules and Projects that I’m working on
(and willing to document my journey of).


Weekly Goals/Intentions + Daily Updates


Most of my musings on life, dance, mindset, projects, and more.

Youtube / Video

“Finding my voice”, video by video.

Life Modules

Order From Chaos

Going through the Self Authoring Program (Past, Present, and Future) in order to orient myself towards a life I want to live and to setup goals and structures to help me achieve those goals (or to otherwise be moving in a positive direction).

Figuring out “how to adult” via indepenence, figuring things out rather than waiting for someone to tell me, etc.

> The 12 Rules – Implementation
> Clean Your Room
> Schedule
> Getting My Own Place + Making It Beautiful
> Professor Peterson, series

Projects / Initiatives


My long journey through Minimalism and trying to declutter my life.

> Why Minimalism
> My Version of Minimalism
> The 30 Day Min Game Challenge
> Minimalist Style
> Minimalist Interior/Design

Burning Man

My journey of learning about Burning Man, what it means to me, how I can incorporate it into my daily/modern life, as well as the researching/packing phase of going to Burning Man.

> The Daily Burn / Principle Integration
> Micro Burning Man
> The Permission Engine / The Phoenix – Capturing the Future to Present

We’re Not Really Strangers

The game/experience.

Found at

> The Why
> The Invitation
> The Attempt

Coming Soonish

Community Development / Leadership

My journey through leadership, not by a provided status but through action. Sharing my experiences through running online communities, a local swing club, and other personal skills related to leadership and community development.

> Origins
> Visions
> Tools/Resources
> Mindset
> Experiences

That Westie Life

The long road to All-Star by focusing on the fundamentals of dance. Documenting my process and progress through learning to dance and mastering the art of dance.

Sharing my experiences as well as what has helped me as a dancer.

And my experiences with becoming a dance instructor.

> Weekly Practice
> The Why
> The Goal
> The Community

Business / Location rebel

Sharing my experiences learning how to run an online business.

As well as my progress through related Location Rebel courses.

> Businesses
> Why
> Ideal Target
> Initial Investment

Style Adventures

The road to figuring out my personal ‘style’ and how I bring it to life.

> The Origin
> Digital Influence
> Desire vs. Reality
> The Element of Courage
> #spectrum