Feb 6, 2020

🔮 Digital Wizardry! 🔮

“Heart-driven digital solutions for change-makers!”

Just a teaser of the new business I’ll be launching to help change-makers, artists, and small businesses with all of the “digital web stuff” that tends to be overwhelming or time consuming.

Websites, digital marketing, other “tech-y” things, and more.

Everything from creating websites and assisting with content creation – to providing support and guidance on different aspects of digital marketing and new ways to approach business with online/digital systems.

I’ve been “playing with websites” for as long as I can remember,

and after some very insistent nudging (you know who you are), I’m finally opening up to offer what I do to those that need a helping hand with bringing their brand, mission, and what they do to our digital world.

More updates to come soon!

✨ If you’re thinking about getting help building a website and think we’d make a good fit, hit me up soon.

I’m working with only a select number of clients at a time to ensure that I am providing quality attention to as few people as possible as I smooth out my process.

I already have a couple pre-launch clients on-deck, so there are just a couple spots left.

✨ Message me directly or put yourself on my calendar for a digital strategy session to get clarity on how a website can support you and your unique mission.

🧙 bring your magic to the digital world!

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Overwhelmed? Attend to Your Physical Environment

Overwhelmed? Attend to Your Physical Environment

When overwhelmed, it manifests in my physical environment as “projects” and “notes” scattered about. Some time to attend to them goes a long way in creating “space” for productivity and creativity to emerge.