Creation Creates Creations

Jan 12, 2018

Glimmering Butterfly Project – Day 23

That seems obvious. When we create something, something gets created.

But what I’ve always known, but am still learning fundamentally…

Is that creation creates creations … action creates action … motion creates motion … momentum creates momentum.

The only way to get momentum is to start moving. The only way to take action is to take action. The only way to create something is to create it.

I have to keep it simple. There’s nothing fancy to do in order to do something. You just have to do it.

I’ve been going through a lot of procrastination and putting off genuine things I want to do this past week. The past few days of my Glimmering Butterfly Project haven’t been my “best,” because I could tell I wasn’t living with the heart nearly as much as I could have been.

Last night, I spent a couple of hours curating up a post idea that I had from about a week ago. And it was the most energizing thing I’ve probably done all week. There’s so much excitement that came from creating that post and in eventually finding the courage to share it.

So by “creation creates creations” I mean that the simple act of creating something can create the momentum to KEEP creating.

By the time I was finished with that post, I didn’t want to sleep – even though I was mega tired – because I wanted to keep creating. I ended up falling asleep on the floor for a quick-nap-turned-deep-slumber. But today I woke up with a lot more energy, excitement, and natural drive to get things done.

It was as if the “simple” act of doing something, creating something, opened up a gateway for everything else to follow.

So today’s Glimmering Butterfly Project post isn’t something deep or profound, but the simple act of creating something last night, and now again today… keeps the momentum going.

And I’ll eventually find my stride: maybe I just need to create SOMETHING in the morning when I wake up. Disregard all the things I “should” be doing perfectly in the morning and just DO something. Create something. Say something.

And some days I might not be feeling it, but the majority of the time when I actually put fingers to keys, pen to paper, words to air … an unmistakable drive of creation follows suit.


Photo by Evan Clark on Unsplash