Creating the Foundation

Jan 26, 2017

I have to let go. I can’t do this alone.

Who I am right now is not equipped to handle the tribulations and the accomplishments of where I want to go.

I’ve spent the past 24 hours in a dizzying mixture of succumbing to distractions and addictions (internet, food, gaming), consuming inspirational content, journaling my thoughts, and coming to a realization that’s made me a little emotional.

My heart and soul longs for so much more, but I am not even moving in my life. While good things are happening around me, I’m not tapping into my potential to bring my dreams to reality and make a positive difference in the world around me.

I’m taking baby steps at most and I want sprint. Hell, I would be satisfied with a brisk walk at this point. But tip-toeing my way through life because of fear isn’t cutting it.

I’m grateful for the things I’ve accomplished, but I know deep in my heart when I’m letting myself down – and this has been one of those moments.

I have visions for myself and my projects, but I have to accept that I can’t do it alone.

Each day that passes is just a painful reminder that trusting myself in my current state is a recipe for disaster. I have to build a better foundation and I haven’t had much luck creating that on my own. It’s a bitter truth, but a truth.

Every person that I admire has incredible people around them that support them, challenge them to rise up to the occasion, and are simply a part of a positive atmosphere that promotes love, contribution and success.

I truly believe that we are the average of the people we spend most of our time with. And lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself with my pals (addictions), Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, video games, and food.

So I am choosing to accept that I not only need help, but am going to actively pursue the creation of an environment or support system that supports movement, not stagnation, and will help me to transcend into someone better than I am today. At the very least, working with a counselor to explore mental health and build up my self-discipline.

photo-1444546099647-e96ebaff3019 (opt)I can either let life happen “to me” or “for me.” It’s going to happen one way or another, and I would rather be the one sailing my own ship.

I have to let go of the stories and beliefs I keep telling myself that are no longer true or do not promote a mindset of positivity. A part of me is addicted to being stuck, and I can’t have that anymore.

And right now, my intuition tells me to get help. So that is what I am going to do. Mental health is a hell of a best to tackle alone.

I have to recognize that it’s not selfish to seek help and get support from people.

It’s required if I want to do the things I’m setting out to do.

So a question for you: do you have any experience working with life mentors and coaches? Are you a part of a community (entrepreneurial or otherwise) that promotes positivity or success? I would love to hear your experiences with working with people and how much of an impact they made in your life.