The Courage Crusade

Building courage muscles by doing uncomfortable, weird (and liberating) things.

About the Project

The COURAGE CRUSADE is an opportunity to push yourself (and others) outside of your comfort zone in order to cultivate a stronger “courage muscle” that is conditioned to act on what you want rather than hesitating.

Many of the challenges are intentionally uncomfortable in order to teach the nervous system that we can survive despite feeling uncomfortable or getting embarrassed.

Some of these challenges will be specifically outlandish to get ourselves beyond the edge of our comfort zone but OTHERS may be geared towards helping each other get over particular fears (or building the courage to do things we want to deep down).

The secondary goal of the Courage Crusade is to brighten the days or lives of others, through unusual or magnificent displays or generosity, fun/entertainment, or thoughtfulness.



There are 3 core ways to participate (below).

To join you will need $5 to contribute towards your own growth (this does not go to me) + answering one of the following:

(a) What are some fears I would like to lessen the intensity of?
(b) What is a desire/goal I have that I feel some resistance to (even if I’m not afraid of it)?


Scheduled Group Activities

We set up a date, a time, and a duration to complete some of the challenges on our list (or uniquely created list for the attendance present).

Impromptu Challenges

When around Courage Crusade members, if the environment is appropriate, members can encourage each other to participate in a challenge.

Solo Crusades

If you feel the call to adventure, you don’t need to wait on “the group” to get started with a challenge – but we do want to hear about it and what you felt and learned!


The first “run” of the Courage Crusade will involve:

4-6 week run

  • 1-2 group meetups
  • Weekly personal challenges
  • Creating/utilizing a list of general and personalized challenges for growth
  • 1 culminating “Make People Smile” activity (where the $ comes in)

Challenge Examples

These are a combination of “Comfort Zone Challenges,” “Rejection Therapy Challenges,” and “Embarassment Challenges” designed to get you out of your comfort zone in some way.

If you have some, recommend them! We’ll compile a list of general or unique challenges for the group.

  1. Lay down on the floor of a public space for 30+ seconds.
  2. Ask someone to tie your shoes (bonus if you don’t have laces, or shoes).
  3. Ask a stranger for a bite of their food or drink.
  4. Go sky diving!
  5. Compliment someone who intimidates you.

Find more inspiration here.

Courage Crusade Rules

  1. All challenges should not be illegal, disruptive, or unsafe. If asked to leave a location, do not object and respectfully excuse yourself.
  2. Be respectful and supportive towards your peers and respectful towards the environment the challenges are taking place in.
  3. Play to grow. ;)

Joining the Group Chat


1. Keep discussion dedicated to the Courage Crusade and related topics.

2. Be respectful and supportive of participants, regardless if they can or cannot “work up the courage” to participate.

JOIN LINK for the GROUP CHAT (if you accept the above rules)

Following the Crusade

Experiences will be documented at: (pending)