Austin’s Creator Corner

Accountability + Community + Activities


Intimate group of creatives and doers seeking a network of peers to grow alongside.

Connect, collaborate, and stay in the energy of your art. Get support through your unique stages of creation.

(you’re early 👀 austin hasn’t actually finished this page, so hop into the server and say hey) 

I’ve never seen so much progress in my work than I have lately with y’all.”


What is Discord?

Discord is a tool for private communities to connect and collaborate in real-time. Organized channels allow for text, audio, and video communication.

Use these channels to share what you’re up to, connect with other creatives, share your progress, and get support and advice around anything you’re working through.

Customizable notifications settings make sure you’ll never miss a “@cowork going live!”

What does it cost?

… I don’t know.

For now, the Creator Corner community Discord is free. Please join us and say hello!

This is an early experiment to see if there is interest and how much I like Discord as a community platform — I want to cultivate a small, but intimate and active group of creatives and builders — a community that is actively involved in supporting one-another.

In the future I may make this (or parts of this) an investment, but for now I’m looking for active peers to stay connected with.

Future Concepts

What I Would Like to Eventually Incorporate


Themed Recurring Events/Activities (e.g., accountability, decluttering, brainstorming, inboxing, etc.)

Creator Challenges: creative prompts & sprints.

Brainstorm Bunch

Workend 2.0 “Bookeneds”

Social Hour

In-person Meetups

Creator House

A new name

accountability “pods” (aka dedicated teams for more intimate connection)