Making Cookies Out of Contrasting Philosophies

Dec 20, 2017

I’ve felt a lot of (self-imposed) pressure to do things a specific way.

For example, when it comes to career and living life, I’m often torn between “two worlds,” or two different styles.

On one hand, there’s the general philosophy of “going balls deep, be hardcore, force yourself to do whatever it takes.”

On the other hand, there’s also the general philosophy of “follow your heart, go with what feels exciting, do what you feel inspired to do.”

And I don’t want to bash one or the other.

But I would find myself going in phases, flopping between each.

One month I would be trying to “force myself to be disciplined.”

And then another month I would be trying to “go with the flow.”

And since I followed different people in each space, my content watching habits would naturally go back and forth between those two “scenes,” too.

I found that I would often talk to different people and interact in different communities differently based on which “phase” I was in.

But the more I heard about the idea of “pulling from both sides” from Gary Vaynerchuk, the more I thought about it …

Maybe I don’t need to be one way or the other.

Maybe instead I can just pull from both sides.

We can always find evidence FOR and AGAINST both methods. There will be people who are adamant about being exclusively one way or the other.

But if dancing has taught me anything: I like playing on both sides.

Why not … mix them together?

I mean, just look at a cookie. (Or any food really.)

A cookie is made up of a handful of different ingredients. Some are tasty on their own. Some aren’t.

Certain ingredients are useful in many foods, but some are less useful in others.

Some people have an aversion to certain flavors while others are in love with those same ones.

And depending on the ingredients you bring to the table, how you portion the ratios, and how you bake them … you get different types of cookies.

But they’re still cookies and cookies are awesome.

But again, not everyone likes the same kind of cookie.

So why not incorporate this into my own life?

Instead of feeling like I have to be ALL IN on ONE specific mindset, can I not pull from both ends and combine them into something that’s uniquely mine?

Something that is most effective for me?

Can I not both “lead from the heart” and simultaneously “be hardcore” in my pursuits?



“Find your balance and communicate it.”