Connection Cove

Connection Cove is a “mini retreat” to spend about 3ish days disconnected from my normal environment (home) to work on personal projects. Primarily inner mindset, planning and taking steps on major projects, resetting my habits, etc.

This entire getaway is themed around my experience from watching the Limitation Game and through the resulting project I’ve started called the Glimmering Butterfly Project.

If this at all sounds interesting or useful: you’re invited. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for some this may sound like a slice of heaven.

Mini Getaway Overview

During Connection Cove, I plan on working on reconnecting to my heart, discovering/feeling my next steps, and actually taking those steps I feel called to take. I want to orient myself towards a lifestyle that is more conducive with “living in the heart.”

The jist of Connection Cove is modeled around my experience after attending a WCS weekend event: mega hyped up, inspired to take life in a new direction, to pour into my passions with a new conviction… only to come home and feel that energy fizzle away.

Three days of amazingness and then as soon as I touch home, it leaks away and I return to standard habits within a matter of hours.

Connection Cove for me is about the same investment level as attending a WCS event, but dedicating those same “3 days” towards actually moving my life forward. Sure, I could do this at home, but that hasn’t been worked out more often than not.

Connection Cove is a pattern interrupt. Completely breaking the norm and helping me change my awareness and set in new habits, new ways of thinking, and new actions.

Getaway Collaboration

This project is first and foremost for myself, but I thought it would be great to bring other people in that may find value out of it – while also creating deeper connections with those people and having the opportunity to develop a support system and accountability.

Everyone should have their own thing(s) to work on, but we can always collaborate. This whole “getaway” is meant to be an environment and timeframe for you to work on “your thing.”

The Rough Plan

  • Pick a date.
  • Find suitable Airbnb.
  • Book it.
  • Do stuff and be awesome. In other words: Limitation Game, foodstuff, hang out, dance, Netflix, read, collaboration, meditation — anything.

Things to Consider

#1 – Primary goal for the getaway is personal growth. Come in with the mindset that it’s 100% okay to spend 3 days doing nothing but working on “your thing.”

#2 – We’ll probably chat and hang out and collaborate and talk about life and dreams and whatever else. If you want help, ask. (: If you don’t let us know and that’s great too.

#3 – Bring your own stuff. Laptop, whatever you need to write or read, etc.

#4 – Not sure about food; plan on bringing a couple things for yourself to eat/drink, but I’m sure we can find something to do about food together.

#5 – You don’t need to be there for the whole thing. I’ll probably be the only one there from start to finish, but others may only stop in for a day or whatever. Maybe we’ll go dancing at some point. It’s all flexible.

#6 – I’m organizing around the Limitation Game, which is about 13 hours of content (probably best split between 2 days). I’ll have this on a USB if you would like to bring a laptop/phone to transfer it to (about 3 GB in size).

#7 – Currently aiming for Fort Wayne, but I’m open to other destinations.

Tentative Schedule is check in late afternoon on Thursday. Start the Limitation Game and figure out dinner.

Friday we start Day 2 of the Limitation Game and figure out food as we go.

Check out is early Saturday afternoon.

Besides that, everything else is open ended as far as what people want to work on, socialize, work on personal stuff, etc.


  • How much will it cost to join?
    • Nothing – I’m investing in this on my own. If you would like to donate that’s fine, but not required.
    • At least plan on covering your own costs for food or pitching in if someone’s comfortable at cooking.
  • How many people are doing this?
    • So far 4, but for different days/times: —-

If you’re intersted, let me know …

  1. Are you interested in the full ~3 days or prefer a smaller amount? (e.g., part of a day/night, one overnight, just a few hours one day, etc.)
  2. Do you want to collaborate or work independently?
  3. Would you like to watch and participate in the Limitation Game (summary video below)? Not required.


This whole project could turn out awesome or be a big silly mess. I’m not worried about the outcome. If you think you would get value out of this (getting out of your normal environment/habits + having time/space to get into your own heart, figure out your year/life/whatever) – then just let me know.

Don’t take me up on this just becaues “Austin’s trying to do a thing.” Only jump in if it’s something you personally would benefit from.

This whole Connection Cove concept is fueled by my Glimmering Butterfly Project, a result of watching the Limitation Game.

Spoiler alert, I have no idea wtf I’m doing. :D #ThatButterflyLife  

Limitation Game Trailer

I will bring the full 2-day event video series, about 11+ hours of footage, but the whole experience will take a longer due to the interactive exercises. If you attend, you’re not required to watch, but I got a lot out of it. #biased