Spontaneous Concert: Lindsey Stirling!

Aug 10, 2023

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Second ever live concert — Lindsey Stirling. 😍

I was sorting my inbox (after avoiding it for about 3 months 🤦‍♂️) and I saw a reminder about Lindsey Stirling’s tour. I checked dates and locations and realized:

She would be performing 20 miles away from where I’m house sitting THAT night. 👀 My ticket was booked 45 minutes before the opening set.

I feel like I’ve been watching opportunities slip by lately (read: avoiding opportunities, letting anxiety have the final say), so I was grateful that I was having one of the best days (emotionally, mentally) already where it was so much easier to have a grasp over my anxiety in order to book the ticket, get in the car, and drive to go see her perform live. 💜

Lindsey is one of those musicians that has been around in my playlists longer than most – and has accompanied a lot of moments of deep contemplation, personal growth, and transformation. 🙏

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