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Dark Cave of the Soul

Dark Cave of the Soul

The black, dark cave of my soul does not care about you or anything that is not “us” – the mind, the body, the heart, the soul. It’s the part of my personality that wants me to be completely selfish, so that I can grow, and better contribute back to the world from a place of strength, not of fear and weakness.

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Austin Pranger

Austin Pranger

I'm sharing my journey through learning and teaching West Coast Swing – and organizing a local club – while constantly pursuing personal growth.

My hope is to encourage others to live a full life – a story worth telling, on their own terms – not through my words, but through the way I live.

On this blog, you'll find discussions and experiences through:

- Dance / West Coast Swing
- Minimalism
- Community Organization
- Personal Growth
- Burning Man

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