My Altar: Bringing “Ceremony” Back Into My Life

Mar 26, 2021

This is my “altar” that I had constructed over the past month.

After experiencing The Wild Emergence (TWE) earlier this year, I felt this calling to bring into my life more elements of ‘ceremony,’ of the spiritual, of ‘prayer’, and other aspects of intentionality and mindfulness.

Elements of the Discover Your Purpose (DYP) program I started in early March aligned well with my desire to create intentional spaces and actions in my personal life.

It’s bringing into my life many of the ‘spiritual’ elements I’ve been too afraid to re-incorporate for various reasons.

All it took was a conscious choice to make the altar – not to put it on an agenda list: just one deciding moment, prompted by my experiences at TWE + preparation for DYP, that “now” was the time to put this together.

I’m grateful for this space of intentionality – and the morning practices that surround it – because I am catching myself more often “shifting” into more conscious choices, of having deeper gratitude, and of seeing “what’s truly meaningful” at times.

My experiences through this program and self-reflection have opened me up a lot more to certain parts of the self, the soul, the heart — that I’ve often not given much value to (because it was “different,” or someone might judge me for it).

It is helping me shift into acknowledging and embracing the heart-nudges, the soul-whispers, the intuitive-images … the calls to adventure.

Those quiet whispers and images always orient me towards something “truer” within myself.


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